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Chapter 760: Sweeping Victory (3)

Thanks to Ruan Yingzhes help, Shen Duan had progressed from an Advanced Swordsman to a Great Swordsman.

He was one step away from reaching the second class promotion, and Shen Yanxiao was nothing but an Advanced Warlock.

She could never defeat him!

Shen Duan was making his final hurrah.

He might be able to stay alive when he killed Shen Yanxiao!

But soon, Shen Duan realized how naive his thoughts were.

Shen Yanxiao took out Clemance, which took everyone by surprise and astonished Shen Duan.

“Why do you know how to use a bow” Shen Duan stared at Shen Yanxiao in disbelief.

Isnt she a warlock

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“I am a lot of things.

You will find out soon enough.”

She took out an arrow and drew the bow.

The arrow flew across the air, making an ear-piercing screech.

From the moment the arrow was fired, everyone present stood there in awe and shock.

Everything else that happened after she fired the arrow had become a secret buried deep in the hearts of the five Family Heads.

When night fell, scars of wounds strung together like beads could be seen all over Shen Duans body.

He had passed away.

Shen Yue was on his knees, begging for mercy.

The guards that betrayed the Vermilion Bird Family gave up their weapons and surrendered.

The Family Heads of the other four aristocratic families felt like they were in a dream.

“Well, Shen, your granddaughter is… tough.” The calm exterior that Qi Cang would usually put on was gone after a day of thrills.

When he saw Shen Yanxiao dragging Shen Duan to the dungeon, Qi Cang felt his heart was pounding in fear.

She was vicious and brutal!

“Ill take that as a compliment.” Having gone through so many changes in the Vermillion Bird Family, Shen Feng had become more composed than he was before.

He did, however, feel smug as he stood in front of his four old friends.

Just recently, the Vermilion Bird Family was on its last legs, but that was now in the past.

Shen Yanxiao had come to reverse the ill-fated destiny of their family, and his old friends witnessed all of that with him.

As such, Shen Feng was immensely proud.

“Xiaoxiao is young.

She still needs to learn to be humble.” Shen Feng tried to sound modest.

Qi Cang and the others secretly despised how big of a hypocrite Shen Feng was.

Shen Feng was on the verge of laughing out loud.

Anyone could tell that this old guy was laughing his head off internally given how stunning his granddaughter turned out to be.

The modesty was just a show for them to see!


Anyway, why arent their grandsons as rough as his granddaughter

That could not be right.

Looking at the smug face of Shen Feng, they decided that when they went back, they would have their punks receive hell-like training.

The Vermilion Bird Family cannot and must not outdo them this much!

The four Family Heads were planning on having their grandsons trained in the toughest way imaginable after they come home.

Far, far away in Sun Never Sets, Qi Xia and his friends had no idea that the ripple effect from Shen Yanxiaos grand display of strength had generated a direct impact on their future.

“Shen, do you have any plans for the future Shen Duan was losing his mind, but one thing he said did make sense.

Ruan Yingzhe was killed, and the Broken Star Palace is unlikely to let that matter slide.

You must be careful.” Yan Hu cautioned Shen Feng with sincere words.

The five aristocratic families must join hands now.

The Broken Star Palace had revealed their evil claws to the five aristocratic families.

If they were to continue the internal strife, they would soon be a page in the history books of the Longxuan Empire.

As they mentioned the Broken Star Palace, the smile on Shen Fengs face faded away.

Shen Yanxiao had resolved the current crisis in the Vermilion Bird Family but she had made herself into an enemy of the Broken Star Palace.

Currently, the Vermilion Bird Family had no power to withstand the Broken Star Palaces retaliation.


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