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Chapter 761: Messed Up (1)

“Lets talk about that later.” Shen Feng let out a deep sigh.

Qi Cang and the others were unwilling to see the Vermilion Bird Family start its decline after they had been reborn from the corpse of its previous form.

These old men that had been competing for their entire lives were now nowhere, instead they were now replaced by a couple of friends who were worried about the fate of their friend.

Shen Yanxiao saved the Vermilion Bird Family from the crisis this time.

However, no matter how powerful she was, she could not fight against the Broken Star Palace on her own.

“We may lack the courage to fight against the Broken Star Palace but we will offer you help if needs be.” Qi Cang patted Shen Feng on his shoulder.

The five families were now on the same boat.

“Thanks.” Shen Feng was filled with mixed feelings.

The four families were willing to take his side.

Truly, a true friend would never give up on a friend in need.

While the Family Heads were worried about the future of the Vermillion Bird Family, suddenly dark clouds blotted the sky.

A fierce wind sprang up.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared.

“What is going on” The strange weather caught everyones attention.

They all felt some overwhelming power was moving towards the Vermilion Bird Family.

“Does Ruan Yingzhe have other partners in the capital” Tang Ao was pale with fear.

They had just taken care of Ruan Yingzhe.

Are there more from the Broken Star Palace

“Damn it!” Shen Feng cursed.

Then, he told a guard to find Shen Yanxiao at once.

All of a sudden, some rays of light became visible in the sky.

On the ground, the five family heads were ready for a fight.

The rays of light broke free from the dark clouds, and six huge beasts appeared on the horizon!

“Let me see who dares to hurt the Vermilion Bird Family!”

The five newcomers said at the same time, full of vigor.

The five Family Heads standing in the yard finally saw the newcomers in the sky.

They were all stunned still.

In the sky, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, Qilin, and Yamata no Orochi were all hovering around.

Standing on the six mythical beasts were Qi Xia and their other grandsons!

Qi Cang and the others were speechless.

That event was not caused by the people of Broken Star Palace, but…

Their grandsons!

“Tang Nazhi, you are asking for a beating! How dare you adopt that tone with me!” Tang Ao shouted to Tang Nazhi, who was standing on the back of Black Tortoise!

“Eh! Grandpa, what are you doing here” Tang Nazhi was acting in an imposing way when he suddenly saw his grandpa standing in the yard.

For a moment, Tang Nazhi did not know what to do.

He turned from that threatening man to a cute lamb.

Qi Cang stared at Qilin and Qi Xiao, who were standing in front of everyone else.

He felt his mouth twitching.

“Qi Xia, are you planning on fighting me, your grandpa”

Qi Xia, who had always been casual usually, was surprised to see Qi Cang.

The smile froze on Qi Xias face.

“Yang Xi, look at you!” Yang Qiong stared at his unfilial grandson, angry and fierce.

This punk almost scared him to death!

An awkward expression appeared on Yang Xis face.

“Yu, dont be in such a hurry.

Be careful.” Yan Hua was the mildest of them all.

He cared about his grandsons safety the most.

“Xiaowei, where did you get the snake”

The Family Heads fiercely glared at their own grandsons that had come with their mythical beasts.

They were already all so advanced in age, so their hearts really could not take anymore crazy events.

They had thought that they were going to deal with the retaliation of the Broken Star Palace.

How could they have known that it was their grandsons that were arriving!

These Family Heads wished they could drag their grandsons down and beat them up as they recalled how terrified they were a moment ago.

How dare they scare their grandpas!

Those beautiful young men came in such a haste.

However, they did not see their enemies here, but instead their grandfathers!


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