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Chapter 766: How about We Arrange a Betrothal (1)

While Shen Feng and Shen Yanxiao were handling their family matters, they had no idea what the four Family Heads were plotting on their minds.

Qi Xia came home with Qi Cang.

His parents hadnt come back to their senses from the surprise of their sons sudden return when Qi Xia was dragged to Qi Cangs study at his command.

Qi Cang sat on a chair and stared at the grandson he was most proud of.

Qi Xia was a once-in-a-century talent, whether it was concerning magical talent or business acumen.

His smart mind was the legacy he inherited from the ancestors of the Qilin Family.

Qi Cang was very satisfied with this grandson of his.

Therefore, ever since Qi Xia had shown some inkling of brilliance, Qi Cang had been planning on passing on the Qilin Family to Qi Xia.

In their family, every other youth in his generation trusted and admired Qi Xia very much.

There was no one with vicious intent like Shen Duan in the Qilin Family.

“Qi Xia, you have been staying in Sun Never Sets, right” Qi Cang asked with a smile.

Something was brewing in his mind.

“Yes.” Qi Xia found himself a chair to sit on.

He had a feeling that his grandpa would not let him leave so easily today.

“Are you close with the girl from the Vermilion Bird Family” Qi Cang went on.


Qi Cang stroked his chin.

This grandson of his was the best in both his personality and his looks.

Qi Xia was merely 16 or 17 but he had already been known as a chick magnet in the capital.

If it were not for Qi Cang, women coming to their doors to ask for marriage with Qi Xia would have worn out Qilin Familys doorstep.

Luckily, Qi Xia had always been able to exercise self-control.

He rarely came close with the fairer sex.

Even his servants were all male.

Of course, a large part of the reason was that those female servants who had their first taste of love were weak-willed.

When Qi Xia had just turned 10, some female servants began to have their eyes at him.

When he was 14, a bold female servant took off all her clothes and got onto his bed, waiting to be ravished by him.

But back then, Qi Xia just threw a casual look at that girl throwing herself to him and then closed the door calmly and left…

Because of this malignant event, Qi Cang sent away all the female servants from Qi Xias side.

This was a serious matter—his grandson could not be defiled by those ordinary women!

However, as of now, Qi Xia was about to become an adult.

But around him were either young men that blindly admired him or middle-aged men that were the backbones of the Qilin Family.

Now, at a marriageable age, Qi Xia was not in contact with any females, not to mention a beautiful one.

Gradually, Qi Cang, who had been proud of his grandson for being not involved with a woman, had become worried.

Qi Xia was a man of integrity.

However, he was a bit too casual when he was at the peak of his youth!

Qi Cang once wondered if his grandson had no feelings of women at all and if he actually fancied men!

That thought almost made Qi Cang lose his mind.

“Listen, what do you think of that little girl of the Vermilion Bird Family” Qi Cang tried to sound Qi Xia out.

The former was clearly harboring malicious intentions.

Last time when Qi Xia came back, Qi Cang heard him mentioning Shen Yanxiao for a little bit.

However, the fact that Shen Yanxiao used to be a shame of the Vermilion Bird Family was still the truth back then.

So, Qi Cang had been wondering why his grandson would be so close to this stupid girl and why he would speak so highly of her.

Today, Qi Cang finally understood that his grandson had not lost his wisdom.

Quite the contrary, he was enlightened!

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