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Chapter 767: How about We Arrange a Betrothal (2)

“Xiaoxiao She is really nice.” When he mentioned Shen Yanxiao, before he realized, there was a sweet smile on his face.

“I have never met anyone as interesting as she is.” Qi Xia simmered with laughter as he recalled the first time he met Shen Yanxiao.

She was not in the best shape then.

At that time, he could never imagine that they would become so close.

Everything that happened in Saint Laurent Academy was a beautiful memory.

He would never be bored when he was with that little girl.

She never ceased to surprise them.

Qi Cang forced back his urge to smile.

He tried hard to stay calm as he said, “Well, I like her as well.

She is young but she has become quite powerful for someone her age.

She has a nice personality too.

It is hard to imagine that she is only 14.”

Qi Cang was not flattering her.

What Shen Yanxiao did today was truly stunning.

She was able to compose herself when facing Ruan Yingzhe.

She never showed any trace of fear while she devised a strategy to save the Vermilion Bird Family from the crisis.

Qi Cang could not understand how a girl like her could have done what she did.

She demonstrated unprecedented abilities, a wisdom that did not match her age, and matchless confidence.

Everything was beyond expectation.

Qi Cang had met a lot of people in his life, but none was as exceptional as Shen Yanxiao.

Besides, this girl was adorable too.

On her pretty face, there was always a trace of smile, which was always a feast for the eyes.

“You have been helping this girl with your heart and soul.

I have never seen you doing anything like that for anyone else.”

Qi Xia chuckled.

“Grandpa, she deserves my help.”

“You may not know this.

Back in Saint Laurent Academy, someone from the Blue Moon Dynasty knocked into a teacher and a student from the Herbalist Division of Saint Laurent Academy, after which they framed Nazhi and got him expelled.

When that girl found out, she challenged them, and just by relying on her own self, she defeated two talented herbalists, just to avenge Nazhi.

She is young but she is loyal to friends.

She will do whatever she can for people who treat her sincerely.”

That was how their relationship worked.

They as friends were good to Shen Yanxiao and in turn, she treated them nicely.

Good friends should share happiness and sorrow together.

But that was rarely the case in the world.

“Grandpa, you once mentioned that it is hard to see through a persons heart and that we should always first think of ourselves when dealing with anyone.

But you dont know how intoxicating it is when you support someone with your full trust and she pays back with all she got.

Money is easy to make but not friends like her.

How hard it is to find a bosom friend in ones lifetime I am so fortunate to have made five such friends, and there is nothing I wont do for them.” Qi Xia smiled.

He was a scheming, sly little fox but he was willing to sacrifice everything for his friends.

Through happiness and sorrow, they would live their life with each other.

This might seem easy in words but how many people could make that a reality in the world

For many people, their sincere hearts merely earned them a stab in the back.

For many friends, the only thing that linked them together was profits and mutual harm.

Ties of friendship were one of the most precious ties in the world.

How valuable it was when you had someone to cover your back.

Qi Cang was filled with mixed feelings.

He was the Family Head of Qilin Family but he had never met a trustworthy friend in his life.

He really wished that he could enjoy that kind of friendship when he saw how Qi Xias face was brimming with a smile.

“You are right.

True friends cannot be bought with money…”

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