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Chapter 768: How about We Arrange a Betrothal (3)

Suddenly, Qi Cang stopped expressing his emotion.

He blinked in confusion.

Wait a minute!

How come the topic got changed He was just trying to find out what his grandson thought of that girl.

Since when did they shift the topic of their conversation to friendship

Qi Cang curled his lips.

He kept his eyes fixed on Qi Xia.

Somehow, Qi Cang believed he saw some hints of craftiness in that young foxs eyes.

“Grandpa, you agree with me, dont you” Qi Xia looked at his grandpa and acted all “I am a boy of simple and pure thoughts”.

What do I think

Anger was brewing in Qi Cangs heart.

No wonder this little fox was answering his questions.

It turned out, Qi Xia had already found a way to confuse him!

How dare he fool his grandpa!

“Shut up!” Qi Cang glared at Qi Xia, angry and fierce.

“That is not what I am asking you.

I am asking about your feelings about Shen Yanxiao! Shen Yanxiao! Why did you bring up that punk of the Black Tortoise Family up!” The old fox was fuming at his mouth.

Qi Xia blinked his eyes in confusion.

“I am talking about Xiaoxiao.

She is what I have been talking about all this time.”

“Talk… you didnt answer any of my questions! Dont try to use any tricks on me.

I am making myself perfectly clear today! You are not a young kid anymore so you should think about your future.

I like that girl from the Vermilion Bird Family very much.

She is good looking, loyal, and not to mention her abilities.

If you find a wife, you must find someone like her.

If you choose someone worse than that girl, I will not allow that woman to step through our door!” Qi Cang left no room for Qi Xia to negotiate in case Qi Xia changed the subject again.

Qi Xia looked at his grandpa, finding him both funny and annoying.

Qi Cang was being careful with his words! On the surface, it seemed that Qi Cang was giving Qi Xia the freedom to choose his spouse, but the rule was that he could not find anyone worse than Shen Yanxiao.

Where would Qi Xia find a person like that

Those pretty girls might not be as capable as Shen Yanxiao, those more powerful than Shen Yanxiao might not have good looks, and those both more beautiful and capable than Shen Yanxiao would be old enough to be his grandma.

And Qi Xia was convinced that Qi Cang wouldnt allow him to marry someone older than him.

Qi Cang had made it abundantly clear that he wanted Qi Xia to marry Shen Yanxiao!

“Grandpa, Xiaoxiao is too young.” Since he could no longer fool his grandpa, Qi Xia had no other choice to answer his question.

His grandpa was forcing him to marry an underage girl!

“She is young but she will grow up eventually!” Qi Cang sneered.

“Dont try to trick me.

Listen, Tang Ao and the other old bastards have similar thoughts as I do.

If you act too late and the other punks move faster than you do, I will break your legs!”

“Grandpa…” Qi Xia was speechless.

Qi Cang was playing rogue here.

Where are his good manners

Where is his noble character and high prestige

He is forcing a marriage!

“How about we arrange a betrothal between you and that girl”


At the Black Tortoise Family, Tang Nazhi stared at Tang Ao who had just said the most shocking sentence in his life.

Tang Nazhi wondered if there was something wrong with his ears.

Tang Ao had just told him to propose a marriage to Shen Yanxiao and that he wanted to discuss the marriage with Shen Feng first!

This world had gone wild!

“Can you remain calm You are too old to be so easily startled.” Tang Ao sat in his chair and looked at his grandson with contempt.

“I… How can I remain calm” Tang Nazhi put on a bitter look.

What had gotten into his grandpa Why would he put forward such a frightening proposal all of a sudden

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