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Chapter 769: How about We Arrange a Betrothal (4)

“Grandpa, dont do this to me.” Propose to that bully

Immediately, the image of him being kicked out of the Vermilion Bird Family surfaced into Tang Nazhis mind.

Shen Yanxiao would not pull her punches.

If he did go and propose to her, she would definitely slap him on the face.

“I dont have time to discuss with you.

If you dont want to, I will ask Xiaowei to go.

He is your brother anyway.

Naturally, he should get engaged before you do.” Tang Ao snorted.

Li Xiaowei, who had been here as a witness for fun, trembled as the target shifted to him.

“Grandpa, dont put my brother in harms way! You have no idea how bossy Xiaoxiaos Vermilion Bird is.

I promise that Vermilion Bird will roast us if we dare to go and propose to Xiaoxiao.” Tang Nazhi was speechless.

Of all the things in the world, why would his grandpa want to play matchmaker That was not an easy business to get into.

For one thing, Vermilion Bird would roast them.

For another, Shen Yanxiao had a little tail named Lan Fengli.

That guy was the cruelest of all.

Tearing people apart with bare hands was a piece of cake for him!

If Tang Nazhi were to propose to Shen Yanxiao, Lan Fengli would end his life right there on the spot without even leaving any ash behind.

“Vermilion Bird Why are you afraid of him You have Black Tortoise,” Tang Ao continued to snort.

“Anyway, I like that girl.

Either of you must propose to her.

At the end of the day, you must make her my granddaughter-in-law.

Otherwise, I will hang you up and whip you!”

Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei, the fellow sufferers, looked at each other.

Both felt they were doomed.

Who are your biological grandchildren!!

What kind of grandpa would hang up his grandsons for someone elses granddaughter


“Shut up! Worst comes to worst, you can have the wedding after, you know, cook the rice.” Tang

Aos grin was evil.


In the Azure Dragon Family, Yang Xi almost choked to death.

Yang Xi wondered if his grandpa had been possessed by some devil as he looked at Yang Qiong who was laughing quite treacherously.

“Cook the rice… grandpa, have you been reading those dirty books lately” Yang Xi flushed.

He could never imagine that the words “cook the rice” would be said by his grandpa, the humorless man.

And the protagonists would be him and Shen Yanxiao…

“Who is reading that kind of book I am teaching you! You pull a long face every day and carry a dumbhead.

With a head like yours, you will never know how to make a girl like you!” Yang Qiong rolled his eyes at his grandson.

Back in the day, he was a popular and elegant man, a handsome young lad that had many female friends.

So why was his grandson so disappointing in this regard

Yang Xi was a fine-looking young man but his personality…

Alas! It was not worth mentioning!

“Grandpa, dont read too much into this.

Xiaoxiao and I are just normal friends.” Yang Xi wiped the water off his mouth and said.

“A normal friendship between a boy and a girl Pff, I dont think so.” Yang Qiong acted all “I have been there and I know what you are saying”.

“…” Yang Xi looked at the ceiling speechlessly.

All of a sudden, he felt being chased by Yang Qiong back in Vermilion Bird Familys estate was better than hearing his grandpa trying to match an unsuitable couple together.

Yang Xi could not tolerate this nagging anymore.



“Please continue to beat me.”


“I am serious.”

“Never mind.

I will go to the Vermilion Bird Family tomorrow and discuss it with Shen Feng!”

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