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Chapter 778: Story of the Past (9)

“That year, when your parents were murdered, we received the news months later.

When we heard of the news, your grandpa immediately sent someone to bring your parents corpse back home.

However, no one could find your parents corpse.

We just heard that all of you were dead, so your grandpa thought you lost your life as well.

That day, he almost cried his heart out.

But that night, the young man brought you home.”

“When I took you over from your grandpas hands, I felt you were burning up.

I tried to help you in a panic.

But your grandpa was saying something to that young man then.

I didnt hear it clearly.

I just thought that the young man saved your life and sent you home.

After that night, the young man left.

Your grandpa took good care of you and told the family about your return.”

“I thought I would never see that young man again.

But three years later, an eight or nine-year-old boy suddenly came to the Vermilion Bird Family and became your grandpas adopted grandson, Shen Siyu.

When I first saw that kid, I was stunned rooted on the spot.

The kid looked identical to the young man who sent you back home.

Even that gentle and warm he exuded was the same; the only thing different was the age.”

“I had thought that Shen Siyu was that young mans relative.

Maybe, the young mans family suffered from misfortune so he asked your grandpa to take care of Shen Siyu.

However, I just felt Shen Siyu was too much like the young man from that night.

If it were not for their ages, I would think they were the same person.

Then, Shen Siyu stayed here for two whole years.

During the two years, he protected you constantly, not even moving a step away from you.

When he was 10, all of a sudden, your grandpa claimed that he wanted Shen Siyu to learn about the businesses of the Vermilion Bird Family.

Since then, Shen Siyu would seldom come back.

But every time he came back, he would grow up and look more like the young man.

Two years ago, he became exactly that young man, just like I remembered.”

“I thought I was thinking too much about it.

In this world, no one could regain their youth.

But, not long ago, Shen Duan and Shen Yue started their rebellion.

I was worried about your grandpa so I asked him about Shen Siyus whereabouts so that I could find him to save us.

But your grandpa stopped me.

He did not tell me where Shen Siyu was.

He just said that Shen Siyu would not come and that the Vermilion Bird Family was not Shen Siyus concern.”

Shen Qiu could not help laughing.

“That day, I was angry at Shen Siyu for not being ungrateful and for distancing himself from the Vermilion Bird Family.

I argued with your grandpa until your grandpa finally confessed to me that Shen Siyu was never his adopted grandson.

In reality, Shen Siyu has nothing to do with the future of the Vermilion Bird Family.

Shen Siyu would only come when you are involved.

He is not protecting the Vermilion Bird Family, but you.”

“Then all of a sudden, I realized that my doubts have always been right.

Shen Siyu was the young man who sent you back to the Vermilion Bird Family that night.

But mysteriously, he used some ways to turn himself a kid again and stayed with you for years.”

Shen Qiu looked at Shen Yanxiao.

“That is all I know.

I believe you must be clever enough to determine the relationship between Shen Siyu and the Vermilion Bird Family.

As for his true identity, I have no idea.

I just know that I watched that kid grow up for years and still, he is a puzzle to me.

Anyway, he saved your life.

And I am sure your grandpa must have his reasons for not wanting to tell you, so dont pressure him about the answers.

Shen Siyu… will never hurt you.”

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