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Chapter 795: The Mystery of the Warlocks Downfall (3)

“Monsters” Shen Yanxiao frowned.

Yun Qi said, “Thats right.

An unimaginable monster.

That monster injured the Warlocks who imprisoned him and escaped to the Seventh Kingdom.”

“Did it hurt anyone” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Yun Qi shook his head with sadness in his eyes.

“Why would he hurt anyone He was once a human after all.

Even though he managed to escape, he was not aware of the changes that had happened to him.

He looked exactly like a human.

So, he thought that he was still a human and that he could still live like a human.

However, there were too many unknown powers that did not belong to him in his body.

Unsurprisingly, those powers went berserk, and he unintentionally hurt the people around him in the process of trying to calm down his powers.

Eventually, he was arrested by the panicked crowd.

He was tight-lipped about his situation until he was overwhelmed by the Elders Council in the Seventh Kingdom.”

“He was a prominent expert in the Brilliance Continent before he disappeared.

As he was away from home for several years already, and his home was in the Seventh Kingdom, he only wanted to come back to see his family, but he did not expect that his strength would go out of control.

In the hearing with the Elders Council, he cried out about the abhorrent experimentation he had gone through before finally exposing the fact that some Warlocks were using and experimenting on Forbidden Skill in secret.”

“This incident shocked the entire Brilliance Continent.

The four countries joined hands to encircle the lab where that man was detained.

However, by the time the armies of the four countries arrived, the place had already been deserted.

All that was left was a pile of burnt rubble.”

“Those Warlocks must have been afraid that the news would leak out.

Thats why they destroyed everything there.” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

Those Warlocks were very careful.

Yun Qi forced a smile and said, “Yes, everyone left, and everything was burnt to the ground.

However, the armies of the four countries soon discovered a large number of skeletons under the rubble.

Those were all human bones.”

Shen Yanxiao gasped.

Those skeletons were probably the test subjects that the warlocks had captured.

They had killed them to avoid any unwanted complications.

An expert who was renowned for his abilities had been locked up in that dark laboratory.

He had been experimented and researched like an animal all day long.

He had lived like a ghost for years, but in the end, he was burnt to a crisp without a proper burial.

It was no wonder that everyone in the Brilliance Continent was furious.

It was outrageous that such an inhumane experiment was conducted on a living person.

“They found that group of Warlocks, right” Shen Yanxiao was frightened when she heard that.

There was a terrifying truth behind the warlocks demise.

Yun Qi nodded and said, “Yes, of course.

The four countries teamed up with millions of troops and conducted a thorough search of the entire continent.

Finally, they found that group of Warlocks.

When the armies from the four countries rushed in, those Warlocks were standing by a long table as they gutted a man in cold blood.

The room was filled with various human organs and there were even breathing humans being hanged on the wall like cured meat.”

Shen Yanxiao closed her eyes as if she could see the bloody scene.

The strong smell of blood filled the entire room.

The flesh and blood became just mere decorations on the walls of the dark room.

It was easy to imagine how shocked and terrified the soldiers were when they saw that scene.

“It was also from that day onward that the Brilliance Continent began to eradicate Warlocks with no exceptions.

Additionally, with more than half of the Warlocks in the entire Brilliance Continent participating in the research of Forbidden Skills, you can understand why the massacre started.”

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