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Chapter 796: The Mystery of the Warlocks Downfall (4)

“Back then, the four countries calculated that they had lost over tens of thousands of experts in their jurisdiction over the past ten years.

Almost all of them were used as test subjects for Forbidden Skills.

Tens of thousands of innocent people died tragically in the hands of those Warlocks, so it is understandable that the entire Brilliance Continent hated the existence of Warlocks.

Due to the allure of Forbidden Skills, nearly two-thirds of Warlocks in the entire Brilliance Continent had participated in the research.

In the end, the four countries decided to just eliminate Warlocks completely.

Regardless of whether they had participated in the research, all of them had to be executed.” Yun Qis voice trembled.

It was as if he could see the path of destruction Warlocks was walking on from that day onward.

He saw his peers lying in a pool of blood under the sharp butchers knife.

Countless vengeful spirits surrounded the sky that day.

Innocent Warlocks were forcefully taken from their homes and brought to an execution ground to be executed for a crime that they had never committed.

“Isnt that too cruel” Shen Yanxiao could not understand why the rulers of the four countries would make such a terrible decision to kill every single Warlock without any regard for them.

“Cruel, you say You have not seen the terror that is their research, so you cannot understand why they had made that decision.

However, the rulers of the four countries had personally witnessed the research of the Forbidden Skills with their own eyes.

With that, they are well aware of how terrifying experimenting on Forbidden Skills really is.

And as long as there are Warlocks in the world, it is hard to guarantee that the same thing would not happen again in the future.

Therefore, they decided to eliminate Warlocks once and for all so that such a tragedy could never happen again in the future.” Yun Qi lowered his head.

If he did not have the Moonlight Necklace to protect him, he would not have lived until today either.

Even so, he still paid a huge price for his feeble life.

He was once a Great Summoner for many years, but he could no longer utilize his strength.

Even though he hated those bad apples, he could not bear to see his beloved profession perish just like that.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips.

She felt that something was amiss.

Even though what the rulers did was reasonable and justifiable, it did not seem like they did it out of anger.

Instead, it looked more like they did it out of fear.

Only in endless fear could one truly steel their heart to do things that they could never imagine.

All of a sudden, a thought popped up in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

She looked up at Yun Qi and asked, “Teacher, where are those survivors now What happened to those who survived the experiments”

Yun Qi looked at Shen Yanxiao silently and did not answer her question.

Ye Qing sighed and said, “Theyre all dead.”



“How did he die” Shen Yanxiaos hands trembled.

She already knew the answer, but she did not want to believe it.

Ye Qing turned his face away and said in a low voice, “The armies of the four countries had executed them in secret.”

Shen Yanxiao gasped and stood up.

“Why Why do we have to kill them It was not easy for them to escape from those demons and reunite with their families.” After those test subjects were imprisoned and tortured for years, they thought that they could return to their homeland, their hometown, and their families.

However, they did not expect that they would be welcomed by a cold blade instead of a warm embrace.

Despair was at the peak of her hope.

Shen Yanxiaos heart ached for the families of the test subjects

“The Brilliance Continent could no longer tolerate them, as they were no longer humans.

Moreover, they couldnt control their strength so they were essentially a ticking bomb waiting to explode,” Ye Qing whispered.

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