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Chapter 803: Tension (1)

Shen Yanxiao did not reveal the Warlocks secret to anyone.

The fewer people who knew about it the better.

It would only cause unnecessary panic if she were to spread the news.

She did not want anyone to know about the uniqueness of Uncle Nine and his group.

It was hard to gauge a persons true intentions, and if someone were to leak the information, the tragedy would repeat itself.

Ye Qing and Yun Qi would be returning to Saint Laurent Academy in a few days.

Ye Qing was the most famous Herbalist in the Brilliance Continent, and he would bring a series of troubles if he were to leave the academy for a long time.

Yun Qi also promised that he would not leave the academy before the Blood Banquet Potion was completed.

He was someone who had participated in the research on Forbidden Skill, and his exposure would bring huge problems to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao could not dissuade her two teachers otherwise, so she had no choice but to send them back to Saint Laurent Academy.

The five beasts gathered in the city lords mansion to discuss the future development of Sun Never Sets.

“Both of your teachers have left.

If someone were to scheme against you again, are you going to invite them from Saint Laurent Academy again” Qi Xia propped his chin and looked at Shen Yanxiao lazily.

As long as Sun Never Sets was still around, people who harbored ill intentions would find opportunities to attack them sooner or later.

Ye Qing and Yun Qi were already old, so it would not be a pleasant experience if they had to go back and forth like that.

Qi Xia had hoped that Shen Yanxiao could rely on her friendship with the two old men to plop them in Sun Never Sets.

With Ye Qings support for the city, it would be hard for Sun Never Sets connections to not explode.

The title ofNumber One Great Herbalist in the Brilliance Continent was not just for show.

Not to mention the Forsaken Land where the demons ran wild, even if they lived at the bottom of the sea, there would probably be people who would come to them.

Furthermore, with Yun Qis bountiful experience, they would no longer need to worry about being cursed.

After all, Yun Qi was an encyclopedia for Warlocks.

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

She knew that it would be beneficial for them to stay, but she did not want to use their kindness to force them to do things that they did not want to do.

“Before he left, Teacher, gave me thirty Illusion Beads.

As long as I place them in the wells, I dont think anyone will have the chance to trick me again.”

“Illusion Bead That is a rare item.” Yan Yu, who was from the White Tiger Family, was no stranger to Illusion Beads.

“Is an Illusion Bead a good item” Tang Nazhi did not know what was going on, so he took one from the dozens of glass beads that Shen Yanxiao had placed on the table and held it in front of his eyes.

He looked at it pensively, but he could not find anything interesting.

The Illusion Beads looked like beautiful, transparent glass beads.

To the naked eye, there was nothing special about them.

“You dont know your stuff.” Yan Yu shot a glance at Tang Nazhi and picked up an Illusion Bead.

“Illusion Beads are items that only a Second-Class Summoner can create.

Powerful curses can be infused into an Illusion Bead, making it suitable for any type of scenario depending on the curse infused into it.

I think these Illusion Beads must have been infused with protective curses that could block curses of other Warlocks.

This is similar to the Xuantian Pearl, but it is not as time-consuming as the Xuantian Pearl.

However, it would probably still take a lot of effort to produce so many.”

“With this, we dont have to worry about our enemies using curses on us any longer.” Yang Xi also took one and rolled it around in his hands.

The table was filled with Illusion Beads, and all these beads were signs of Yun Qis care and concern for Shen Yanxiao.

Even though he was not in Sun Never Sets, he was still worried about his only disciple.

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