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Chapter 807: Demons Trade Union (2)

How exalted was the status of a Second-Class expert in every country

Now, Shen Yanxiao had about three hundred such experts under her.

“What is it” The group of demons gulped in trepidation.

Their lord was shameless and crafty.

They felt nervous when she stared at them like that.

Shen Yanxiao hooked her finger at the only female demon, Enchantress.

Enchantress walked over with her slender waist and leaned in closer to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao whispered in her ear for a while before Enchantress suddenly stood up with an excited smile on her face.

“I will invite him in right now.” After she said that, Enchantress immediately left the hall.

Jia He and the other demons watched Enchantress departing figure as their hearts pounded wildly.

They did not know what their lord had in mind.

Du Lang and the six wolves sat in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups headquarters.

Shen Yanxiao had specially prepared this building for them when she planned out Sun Never Sets.

It was much better than the place they had in Black City—it was spacious and bright with excellent accommodation.

Almost no one in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was willing to leave Sun Never Sets and return to Black City.

What a joke! They would be fools if they wanted to turn back on such good treatment.

Furthermore, their city lord was so kind and friendly.

Even if they had to be thick-skinned, they would follow her to the end.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups slogan had changed fromeat meat if you follow the leader toeat meat if you follow the city lord.

Du Lang had no complaints about that.

He was also happy that his brothers had a good home.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao trusted him.

He and Uncle Nine were responsible for many things in the city, and she was not worried that he would leak the secret.

A scholar would die for his bosom friend.

With a city lord that trusted him so much, Du Lang was determined to work hard for Shen Yanxiao.

The seven wolves sat around the table as they discussed the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups plans for the city.

In the end, they were still a mercenary group so they could not just eat and drink for free.

They were prepared to resume their old profession and continue with their days as mercenaries.

“Hey, do we have to accept missions in the Forsaken Land often” Evil Wolf asked with a smile.

Du Lang looked at Evil Wolf calmly and picked up his cup.

“Are you going to kill demons”

Demons were the most populated creatures in the Forsaken Land.

But, with Su He excavating the mineral products here, it seemed like the only job they could do left was to fight demons.

Evil Wolfs mouth twitched.

Fight demons He thought about how he had been hanging out with little demons all day long, so it was quite hard for him to return back to his uncaring attitude when attacking suchadorable creatures.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups moral values had become twisted after they had stayed in Sun Never Sets for so long.

The demons that everyone despised and feared had become good friends in their hearts.

As she spoke, a gorgeous figure dashed towards the seven wolves.

Enchantress dashed into the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups headquarters with her slender waist trembling as she moved.

The seven wolves immediately felt their blood boiling.

Other than being adorable, demons were also very sexy.

Enchantress did not even look at the six flushed wolves as she sat quickly on Du Langs lap.

Du Lang nearly choked on his tea.

“Ahem … Enchantress, why are you here” Du Lang, who had always been a man of steel, looked at the gorgeous demon on his lap helplessly.

He wanted to push Enchantress away, but he did not dare to touch her.

Which of these wasnt a restricted area He did not dare to touch anything!

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