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Chapter 808: Demons Trade Union (3)

The six wolves looked at Du Lang with an ambiguous gaze.

Their leaders luck with women was pretty good.

Enchantress seemed to like to tease Du Lang, and she would usually tease him whenever she saw him.

That had become a common occurrence in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

They would not be shocked even if Du Lang were to say that he wanted to marry Enchantress.

They also wanted to be teased by the attractive and sexy Enchantress!

Even mercenaries who had been in contact with the opposite gender for years were enthralled by the beauty of demons.

They would even accept devils, let alone demons.

Please tease me! Please seduce me!

Enchantress raised her hand with a smile.

Her weak, seemingly boneless arms naturally wrapped around Du Langs neck.

Her soft body pressed against Du Langs broad chest as she softly said, “Leader.”

The six wolves nearly fell from their chairs.

That was such a sweet voice!

Please forgive these hot-blooded men!

“Err … is there … something wrong” Du Lang, who had always been mighty and domineering, was like a mouse that had seen a cat when facing Enchantress.

His face was flushed with panic.

Enchantress squinted her eyes as she admired a certain stiff leader.

“The lord has summoned you to the city lords mansion.”

“Oh … I will go now.” Du Lang gulped and carefully lifted his hand to pull Enchantresss arms from his neck.

The Enchantress raised her eyebrows and softly said, “I am tired from the journey.

I will have to trouble you to bring me back.”

“…” Du Lang had the urge to die.

The six wolves covered their bloody noses and secretly gave their leader a thumbs up.

Brilliant! Truly brilliant!

Even demons would kneel before their leader.

At this point, they could only worship him.

Du Lang could not dissuade Enchantress, so he had no choice but to brace himself.

He stiffly picked up a certain beautiful demon and walked out of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group with Enchantress in his arms.

Du Lang wanted to strangle his brothers when he saw the admiration and envy in their eyes.

Du Lang did not even know how he got to the city lords mansion.

He only knew that the crowd that had surrounded him and Enchantress intimate actions almost drowned him out.

Enchantress in his arms laughed like a cat that had stolen a fish.

Du Lang was speechless.

He was innocent!

When Du Lang appeared in the city lords mansion with Enchantress in his arms, their ambiguous actions immediately shocked all the male demons there.

“Seriously Enchantress is actually … tsk tsk.” Jia Lan muttered.

“Leader Du is a true man! I admire you!” Jia He silently praised Du Lang in his heart.

Even though Enchantress was a female among the demons, she was so powerful that all the male demons would tremble in fear at the mere mention of her name.

There were even instances where a few high-ranked demons stole her clothes, who were then hung at the city gates for the demons to learn their lessons.

Everyone knew that the Enchantress was beautiful but cruel.

No one dared to touch the thorny rose again.

When they saw Du Lang return with the beauty in his arms, all the demons admired him.

He even dared to take advantage of the tigress.

He was definitely a real man!

Du Lang could only look at the sky speechlessly.

When Enchantress was done with her teasing, she left Du Langs embrace and gracefully gathered her hair before she calmly returned to her seat.

Du Lang was still in a daze …

He felt as if the female demon had thoroughly played him.

“Brother Du” Shen Yanxiao suppressed her laughter and looked at the dull Du Lang.

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