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Chapter 812: City Opening (2)

The Emperor of the Longxuan Empire could be seen pacing around the main hall of the palace with a grim expression.

But, none could understand why.

Everyone was under the impression that he was very proud of the completion of Sun Never Sets, but they did not know about his inner bitterness and his deep regret that were slowly suffocating him internally.

If he did not seek death, he would not have died.

The Emperor was now extremely clear about one thing: his short-sightedness.

However, no matter how bitter and unwilling he felt, he still had to put on an act.

He could not let the other three countries know about the disharmonious relations between him and Shen Yanxiao.

Even if he and Shen Yanxiao disliked each other, they still had to look publicly harmonious and loving in front of the other three countries.

As a result, the Emperor wept silently.

With trembling hands, he wrote down a long list of presents for Sun Never Sets and a decree to announce to the entire Longxuan Empire that the Longxuan Empire finally had a piece of territory in the Forsaken Land.

When the announcement was made, the people from the Longxuan Empire were finally clear from their doubts.

At the news, the entire country cheered.

They finally made it.

They no longer need to look on helplessly as the other three countries flaunted themselves in the Forsaken Land.

Regardless of whether they knew Shen Yanxiao or not, they were full of praises for the little beauty who brought glory to their country.

Countless civilians automatically regarded Seventh Miss Shen as their idol.

A fourteen-year-old girl had accomplished what others could not.

How inspiring was that

They were proud!

That girl was from their country!

Amidst the cheers, there were also some discordant voices.

The reason for those dissent was basically because Shen Yanxiaos identity as a Warlock.

Most of them were from influential families in the Longxuan Empire, so they naturally had a deep understanding of the disasters Warlocks had brought upon the continent.

Since they were taught from a young age that Warlocks were demons in human skin, they naturally held prejudice against Shen Yanxiao.

To them, the success of Shen Yanxiao was a sign that Warlocks would soon rise to power and disaster would soon befall

However, no one would be foolish enough to go against Shen Yanxiao at the height of her current momentum.

Even the Emperor was expressing his goodwill towards Shen Yanxiao.

Soon, the shouts from the civilians got louder and louder, directly covering those discordant voices.

If anyone dared to criticize Shen Yanxiaos identity as a Warlock, they would soon drown in the saliva of their fellow citizens.

The Longxuan Empire could finally hold their heads high.

At the sight of the Longxuan Empire tooting their horns, the other three countries were obviously unhappy.

They did not expect the Longxuan Empire to successfully build a city in such a short amount of time.

According to the information that they had received from their forces in the Forsaken Land, Shen Yanxiao had only been in the Forsaken Land for half a year.

It had only been half a year, and they had already finished constructing a main city.

That kind of speed was something never before seen.

With Sun Never Sets completed, the four countries were now all gathered in the Forsaken Land, which meant the competition for resources in the Forsaken Land would only get more intense.

Of course no one wanted to see that happen.

However, there was nothing they could do about it.

The city had already been built, so it was basically impossible for them to continue with their tricks.

With the agreement between the four countries, the first person to step out of their bounds would automatically become the target of hatred of everyone.

Almost all of the upper echelons of the three empires were cursing the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire for his shamelessness.

He had sent a little kid to confuse them so that they would lower their guard.

In the end, they were caught with their pants down.

Did he have any moral principles Did he not know that the other three empires needed at least thirty to fifty years to even build a small city If he managed to accomplish that in half a year, wasnt he telling us that he was better than all of them combined

The upper echelons of the three countries, who had ridiculed the Longxuan Empire, felt as if their faces were swollen from the giant slap they received.

But there was an individual who was more nervous than the rest.

Inside Fantasy Devil City, Geng Di was restless.

He did not forget what Shen Yanxiao had said to him that night.

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