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Chapter 813: City Opening (3)

After Sun Never Sets was finished, the little girl would personally come to him for atalk”

Geng Di wanted to cry tears of blood when he thought about how those eight mythical beasts would soon be standing outside his city and flaunting their might.

Didnt that Great Herbalist Jun Mo say that he has a way to make Sun Never Sets suffer Why did nothing change at all Make them suffer They have already successfully built the city for goodness sake!

Geng Di despised Jun Mo for being a paper tiger, and at the same time, he dispatched more guards to guard the perimeter of Fantasy Devil City.

He was afraid that the vengeful girl would bring her eight mythical beasts tovisit them again in excitement.

In fact, Jun Mo felt wronged.

He did attack Sun Never Sets, and pretty viciously too.

However, the effect …

“Thats impossible! How can they complete the city with what Pu Lisi and I had planted” Jun Mos handsome face was ashen.

He did not know how his plan had failed.

Even if they could not kill Shen Yanxiao with such a vicious plan, the majority of people in Sun Never Sets should already be on their deathbeds.

However, it seemed like the speed of construction was not affected at all.

Jun Mo was sad that he could not figure out where it had gone wrong.

Luo Fan stood in front of his teacher with a darkened expression.

The more Jun Mo thought about it, the weirder he felt it was.

When he saw the hatred in his students eyes, he sighed inwardly.

“Dont worry.,I will avenge you sooner or later.

Isnt it just the completion of Sun Never Sets I will have plenty of ways to deal with her in the future.” It was important to appease Luo Fan.

Ouyang Huanyu and the black-robed man had confirmed that Luo Fans physique was suitable for him to be test subject No.11.

A suitable test subject was very precious to them.

And if they could find a cooperative test subject, it would be much easier for them to conduct their test on him.

Moreover, since Luo Fan had already agreed to the experiment, they were now just waiting for Jun Mo to fulfill his promise to avenge him.

So of course Jun Mo did not want anything to go wrong at that moment.

“I can wait.” Luo Fan gritted his teeth.

He had personally witnessed his teacher act, so he knew that Jun Mo was not lying to him.

Jun Mo breathed a sigh of relief.

He decided that he would talk to Ouyang Huanyu and that black-robed man later to see how they would deal with the situation.

Even though Ouyang Huanyu told him not to kill Shen Yanxiao, his attitude towards snapping her wings did not change in the slightest.

And so, after they made their plans, the three crafty, sinister men stayed up till the break of dawn to plan their next move against Shen Yanxiao.

“For the time being, it is not appropriate to do anything.” Ouyang Huanyu had changed his appearance.

He was now sitting on a chair with a noble appearance.

The news that Sun Never Sets didnt get affected much did not frustrate him.

Instead, it aroused his interest.

He was well aware of Jun Mos methods.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao must have had some skills to be able to resolve Jun Mos evil plans.

The more Ouyang Huanyu thought of Shen Yanxiao as a promising student, the more he wanted to rope her in.

“Why” Jun Mo was anxious.

Even though Luo Fan did not say anything, he would not be willing to be a test subject if he did not take care of Shen Yanxiao.

However, he had already prepared everything for Luo Fans transformation, and he only needed the go sign from Luo Fan.

Ouyang Huanyu handed Jun Mo a piece of paper.

Puzzled, Jun Mo took it and looked at it.

Jun Mo was surprised when he read what was on the paper.

“Are the five great aristocratic families of the Longxuan Empire working together for this auction” The piece of paper Ouyang Huanyu handed him was the catalogue of the items that the Phantom Auction House wanted to auction off.

The catalogue was densely packed with treasures that one would drool over.

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