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Chapter 816: Pearl Milkstone (2)

Even though these potions did not belong to her anymore, she still wanted to look at her handiwork.

But there was another purpose to her visit—she was thinking of finding a few pieces of gems to be carved as gifts for her two teachers.

Her two teachers had always kept a low-profile and rarely would they have any luxury items on them.

Shen Yanxiao was aware that they did not care about fame or fortune, as she too did not care about those things.

If she were to give them something that was worth cities, they would probably return it back to her immediately.

It would be better to give them some toys to show her sincerity, that way they would not be able to reject it.

The little toys that Shen Yanxiao mentioned would cost at least tens of thousands of gold coins.

Yan Yu and Yang Xi did not say anything else when they saw Shen Yanxiao being so enthusiastic about her gifts.

Anyway, they had other things to do, so they left Shen Yanxiao in the storage room with Vermilion Bird by her side.

“Tsk tsk, how exquisite are the treasures from ancient times” Shen Yanxiao picked up an egg-sized sapphire and looked at the gleam of the sapphire.

In her previous life, miners mined for many hours, sometimes days or weeks, before they could mine anything precious enough to be polished into finished products.

In reality, the real high-quality gems were quickly bought and carefully preserved by collectors from all over the world, leaving no actually decent gems on the market.

However, in this world, all the gems here were very pure, as they were all in their most primitive state.

No matter what they were carved into, they would still look amazing.

Shen Yanxiaos heart pounded as she looked at the egg-sized sapphire and the palm-sized jade.

Which thief would not like treasures And right now, she was sitting in the middle of a mountain of treasures.

Shen Yanxiao was enjoying herself as she browsed through the treasures.

Vermilion Bird, on the other hand, was not interested in those shiny gems.

As magical beasts, those gems were no different from ordinary stones found on the side of roads; they were not even as valuable as a piece of delicious fat meat.

Only humans would like something so meaningless.

They could not eat it, nor could they use it to increase their strength.

As he turned to look at his masters sparkling eyes, Vermilion Bird only wanted to say …

At that very moment, his master looked very much like a human female.

“Hmm” Shen Yanxiao pulled out a fist-sized milky-white stone from the pile of gems.

The stone had a pearl-like luster on its surface, but its weight and texture were similar to a stone.

Even with her knowledge from her original world, she had not ever seen such a gem before.

But, it was, after all, a different world.

It was impossible for everything to be the same as her previous world.

As a curious young woman, Shen Yanxiao quickly looked for the name of the gem with the bill that Yan Yu had left behind.

After she looked through the list, Shen Yanxiao finally realized that the pearl-like gem in her hand was called the Pearl Milkstone.

It came from the depths of the sea, originating from the merfolks hometown.

Legend has it that when mermaids cried, their tears would turn into pearls.

However, their tears did not form pearls, but instead, they formed Pearl Milkstones.

Merpeople were innately cold people and they were not as expressive as normal humans.

Compared to the cold, cheerless elves, they were more like a bone-chilling cold.

They were totally different from the mermolk Shen Yanxiao had heard about in stories.

The blood of the merfolk was highly toxic.

Even the most resistant undead would not dare to touch it.

However, their tears were considered rare gems since merpeople rarely cried.

It was rumored that they would only shed a single tear when they were born and when they died.

In short, merfolks would only cry twice in their entire lifetime.

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