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Chapter 817: Pearl Milkstone (3)

Pearl Milkstones were a rare and precious gem.

Although merfolks lived in deep seas near human settlements, very few merfolk would come into contact with humans.

The society of merfolks was very elusive.

Only for important diplomatic reasons would they be willing to come into contact with any other race.

A grain-sized Pearl Milkstone was valued at tens of thousands of gold coins, making it much more expensive than any other gems in the market.

However, its price tag was well worth it since it was a very rare commodity as no one was brave enough to request merfolks to trade it with them.

When it came to Elves, it was much easier to establish trade with them.

Shrewd merchants could use precious seeds and elegant clothing as items for barter, but those shrewd merchants were helpless against merfolks.

When compared to what was available on land, the deep seas were flooded with treasures.

Furthermore, merfolks lived in coral-filled houses where pearls were everywhere.

They would even sometimes use those precious pearls to play ball games.

With everything they needed available in the deep sea, they were obviously not interested in what those merchants had to offer.

Essentially, transactions between humans and merfolks were non-existent.

Occasionally, one or two Pearl Milkstones could be found drifting onto the shores.

When merfolks felt that their end was about to arrive, they would leave their home without notice and swim to the deepest part of sea in preparation for their death.

And when they died, the Pearl Milkstone they produced would either sink to the bottom of the sea or drift onto the coasts of various continents.

Pearl Milkstones in the Brilliance Continent could only be found by chance.

However, even if people would find one on the shores…

It would usually be a small one.

But this huge Pearl Milkstone in front of her…

Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched.

Not to mention merfolks who only shed tears twice in their lifetime, even humans who could cry every day would not be able to accumulate enough tears to create a pearl that was as big as the pearl in front of her.

As such, the value of this Pearl Milkstone in front of her was immeasurable.

Shen Yanxiao placed the Pearl Milkstone on her palm.

It was a very rare gem but its origin puzzled her.

“Humans sure have a wicked sense of humor.

They treat the merfolks tears as treasures,” Vermilion Bird shot a glance at the milkstone and disapprovingly said.

The condensation of tears was not unique to merfolks, as some unique mythical beasts had similar capabilities as well.

However, mythical beasts were rarely seen, making it even more impossible for them to find one, let seeing it shed tears.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and slapped Vermilion Birds head.

“This is called business.

What do you know” Humans were the weakest among the eight major races.

Be it their strength or system, they could not compete with the other races.

Elves were born with healing abilities and sensitive perception to nature.

Undeads had an undying body and inexhaustible lifeforce, dwarves had strong physiques and incomparable creativity, merfolks were very swift with strong regenerative abilities, dragons had bodies comparable to armor and they were born with immense innate strength.

Demons were unparalleled and gods had supreme power …

In terms of innate talent, humans would always be on the bottom of the food chain.

However, there was one thing that humans had that trumped all those innate talents.

And that was their impressive innate ability to learn.

Humans were born with the ability to learn and to imitate.

They were weak so they trained in magic and battle aura.

They were weak so they signed a life-and-death contract with powerful magical beasts.

They were ignorant so they slowly learned from all the other races, gradually shedding their ignorance over time.

Humans could have a place in the world and protect the Brilliance Continent because they had their own strength.

They believed in the gods, befriended elves, pleased dragons, and distanced themselves from undeads.

They would not interfere with merfolks in the deep sea, and they would sing praises about the wisdom of dwarves …

Humans were smart, and so they survived.

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