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Chapter 821: Auction (3)

Everyone was shocked when they saw the city.

They were in the middle of a wasteland, but a city with a domineering aura stood quietly in front of them.

The city walls glistened under the sunlight, shocking everyone who first laid their eyes on it.

Sun Never Sets had really been completed.

The Longxuan Empire did not lie.

They had managed to build a brand new city in just half a year!

The guests from the Longxuan Empire smiled proudly.

That was their pride.

Just looking at their city caused them to straighten their backs and puff out their chest.

The guests from the other three countries wanted to curse out loud.

The Longxuan Empire had managed to build a city in half a year, but the people from their country had spent nearly ten years to build their city.

How much manpower and resources had they needlessly expended

They all built cities, so why was the difference so huge

The people from the Longxuan Empire walked into Sun Never Sets with their heads held high while the rest of them had ugly expressions on their faces.

Shen Yanxiao had stationed ex-slaves as her guards.

All of them had strong physiques, and they were tall and strong.

The light armor they wore was produced by a tailor shop under the Qilin Family.

With Qi Xia, the next Family Head, supervising their work, the tailors would naturally pay more attention to their work.

It caused the uniforms they wore to be of higher quality than the ones worn by the imperial guards in the Longxuan Empire.

The imposing city and the tall and mighty guards shocked everyone who came into Sun Never Sets.

When they entered Sun Never Sets, they were greeted with a scene of prosperity.

Newly constructed buildings were neatly arranged, and the clean streets made them want to roll around on them.

The locals, who occasionally passed by them on the road, were all dressed in bright clothes with friendly expressions on their faces.

It was as if they were not in a city in the Forsaken Land but in some otherworldly paradise.

The guests outside the Longxuan Empire felt as if their hearts had been squeezed into a ball.

It had only been half a year, and yet she had managed to build such a city.

It was truly enviable, and at the same time, they developed a strong interest in the city lord, Shen Yanxiao.

According to the information they had received, Shen Yanxiao was only fourteen years old and she was from one of the five great aristocratic families in the Longxuan Empire, the Vermilion Bird Family.

Before she built Sun Never Sets, they had not heard of her name.

But now, she had done something that shocked the entire continent without warning.

Almost as shockingly, she was a Warlock.

It was a profession that most people thought was shady, and they had never seen Shen Yanxiao in person.

They could only guess her identity and personality.

Shen Yanxiao had given detailed instructions to the city guards.

When they saw a group of visitors, they did not panic.

Instead, they went forward to inform everyone of the city lords orders.

“Dear guests, are you here to participate in the auction” The slaves had been transformed into guards, and under Shen Yanxiaos tutelage, the slaves no longer felt inferior.

“Thats right.”

“The city lord has prepared a place for you to stay.

Please follow me.” The guard turned around and led the group toward the inns in the city.

There were thousands of people in that group of guests, including mercenaries.

The large group did not attract any attention from the locals when they entered the city.

Instead, they were like a group of hillbillies who stared at the city with their eyes wide open.

It was a refreshing sight.

Sun Never Sets had just been built, but there were already many shops opened.

Most of those shops sold daily necessities and materials found only in the Forsaken Land.

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