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Chapter 823: Auction (5)

Shen Yanxiao had arranged for Uncle Nine to supervise the inn.

On the surface, he was the boss of all the inns in Sun Never Sets, but in reality, he was just an innkeeper.

“Whats the difference between the rooms” The group of guests was confused.

They had only heard about the differences between the upper class and lower class room.

This was the first time they had heard about the room being differentiated because of their interior design.

Uncle Nine followed Shen Yanxiaos instructions and said, “There are all sorts of differences.

We have a battle aura room built with Aura Stones, a magical room built with Magical Stones, and a luxurious room covered with gems.

The effects of each room are different, and many of them can bring unexpected effects to the customers.”

Shen Yanxiao was a prodigy from the modern era.

She had used her knowledge from her previous world to open an inn.

She had copied the style of the luxury hotels in modern society to Sun Never Sets.

She had differentiated the rooms based on the different styles available and their effects.

Of course, she did not think that the Sun Never Sets was a place for young lovers to stay.

Instead, it was more likely for wealthy merchants and experts to come there.

Therefore, she used stones for battle aura and magical training in the rooms.

One must know that the price of a single one of these stones was enough to make many wealthy families shrink back in fear.

However, it was super beneficial to them.

Even though it would not increase ones strength immensely, it would be beneficial if one could continue to train with the corresponding stone.

However, no one would be so extravagant to use those stones to build a room.

Most of them would be carved into a pendant or something, but the effect of doing that would be much inferior.

When Uncle Nine told them that there were such heaven-defying rooms in the inn, the group of martial arts fanatics immediately drooled.

Were there really such great rooms

How was Shen Yanxiao so rich

Even if they wanted a stone the size of a palm, they would feel a pinch in their wallets.

But that bastard had daringly used those stones to build a room! That was too extravagant!

Uncle Nine smiled as he looked at the drooling expressions on everyones faces.

He secretly gave Shen Yanxiao a thumbs up for her strange arrangement.

They knew the value of those stones in the outside world, but they were nothing in the Forsaken Land.

Even though they were not as common as obsidian, it was not a problem to build rooms with them.

“Well, give me five Battle Aura Rooms!” A middle-aged man from a certain family in the Blue Moon Dynasty gulped and quickly raised his hand to book five.

“Give me six Magical Rooms!”

“Me too! Two rooms each!”

“Me too! Me too!”

The group of big shots who wanted to strengthen their family members could not withstand the temptation.

All of them tried their best to get a good room, but the merchants were not as enthusiastic.

“There are also differences between the Battle Aura Room and the Magic Room.

The rooms are divided into three categories: upper, middle, and lower.

The number of those stones used in the rooms of different categories differs.

Everything in the upper rooms is built with the stones, including the beds.” Uncle Nine chuckled as he continued to entice the crowd.

“The beds are all made from the stones” Those from the aristocratic families could no longer remain calm.

If they could sleep on a bed made from the stones, wouldnt that mean that they could train while they sleep

They had to snatch it! They had to snatch it all!

It was as if the group of them had been injected with chicken blood as they started to scramble for the rooms.

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