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Chapter 826: Auction (8)

Finally, amid the excitement, the Phantom Auction Houses auction officially began.

There were more than 1700 participants in the auction, all coming from 300 different forces.

Due to the large number of participants, Shen Yanxiao stipulated that only two people from every force could enter the auction house to participate in the auction.

Ultimately, the number of participants allowed to enter was limited to about 500 people.

However, even though there were only about 500 people, the Phantom Auction House was packed to the brim.

After Yang Xis investigation, at least 30 of those 500 people were spies.

However, it did not matter.

Freud had already led three hundred advanced-ranked demons to stand guard outside the Phantom Auction House.

Anyone who dared to cause trouble at the auction would be eaten alive in minutes.

The auction-attendees were completely unaware that they had been surrounded by a large group of savage demons.

Everyone took their seats and waited for the auction to begin.

Before they came to Sun Never Sets, they had already read through the catalogue for the auction, so they already knew about the items that would be auctioned.

The auctioneer of the auction was a disguised Qi Xia.

He stood on the stage as he looked at the restless crowd with a smile.

Shen Yanxiao was sure that with the sly fox, Qi Xia, as the ringleader, their wallets would soon be drained of money.

The kids eloquence was not inferior to hers.

Moreover, he knew the value of those items better than her.

The auction items were carried to the stage in an orderly fashion.

The first few items to be auctioned off were precious gems and luxury items.

Even though those items were hard to come by, they did not hold any significant value to the attendees.

So, most of the buyers of those gems were wealthy merchants, the aristocratic families and experts did not even look at them.

Their objective was clear.

They wanted potions that could help improve their battle aura or magic, potions that could improve ones physique, and weapons that could turn the tides of a fight.

The two chests of jewels were more or less sold out, and the only thing left was the Pearl Milkstone that Shen Yanxiao had used.

Pearl Milkstone was a rare gem, let alone such a huge one.

Even the aristocratic families could not sit still at the sight of it.

They did not lack jewels, but a Pearl Milkstone that size could bring glory to their family.

They would consider it a flamboyant piece of decoration if they bought it.

“Legend has it that merfolks who live in the deep sea only shed tears twice in their lives.

After they are born and before they die, their tears will condense into Pearl Milkstones.

I believe everyone has heard about it.

However, I believe no one has ever seen such a huge Pearl Milkstone before, so I will not say anything else.

Those who know their stuff would know that one this size would never be found on the market ever again.

The starting bid is 100,000 gold coins,” Qi Xia lazily said.

The starting price for Pearl Milkstones was not high, but he was sure that the final bid would not be lower than a million gold coins.

“Ill pay 200,000!” A certain wealthy merchant who had just bought a pile of jewels raised his hand.

“300,000.” Another merchant snorted as he shot a glance at the wealthy merchant.

There were jewels everywhere, but who would let go of something that was truly rare

The bid for the Pearl Milkstone continued to rise, and it soon exceeded a million gold coins.

Even some aristocratic families were fighting to purchase it.

There was probably only one such Pearl Milkstone in the world.

Anyone would want to grab it and use it as a symbol to show off their wealth.

“1,700,000 gold coins!” One of the Blue Moon Dynastys royalty suddenly offered an astonishing bid.

1,700,000 gold coins was a sky-high price for a gem!

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