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Chapter 829: Auction (11)

He could not bear to see his young master continue with his nonsense, so he finally persuaded him otherwise.

The royal had always been finding a reason to stop.

So now that a reason to give up had come up, he calmed down.

He gritted his teeth and sent a deathly glare at the young man.

Although he was unwilling to admit defeat, he could only return to his seat and remain silent.

On the stage, Qi Xia had already estimated that a bid of 5 million gold coins was the uppermost limit for a Pearl Milkstone of this size.

But he pretended to ask three more times before he finalized the deal.

The young man, who obtained the Pearl Milkstone, felt as if he wanted to vomit blood.

It was as if that royal bastard was born to oppose him.

He had pushed him to his limit and then stopped.

If that idiot dared to add another gold coin, he would have an excuse to kill him.

Even though he now had the Pearl Milkstone, the price…

The young man wanted to die.

He could have spent 1 million gold coins to get the gem, but he was forced to spit out 5 million gold coins!

No one would feel comfortable in that situation.

However, he could not do anything to that royal bastard in front of everyone.

He could only shallow the frustration in his heart and follow the auction assistant backstage with a darkened expression.

5 million…

What a fraud!

When someone suffered a tragedy, others would rejoice.

Shen Yanxiao almost laughed out loud when he saw the final bid.

That Pearl Milkstone could be sold for 5 million gold coins She never expected it to sell for that high of a price.

She wondered what the young man and that royal were thinking.

Shen Yanxiao was truly a scoundrel.

If they knew the real use of the Pearl Milkstone and realized that she had eaten all the benefits, would they vomit blood and die of frustration

However, on second thought, there were only a few people who knew about the interesting secret of Pearl Milkstones.

Even her grandfather, Shen Feng, did not know about it.

Only Xiu would know about such a hidden secret.

With that thought in mind, Shen Yanxiao became much calmer.

The gem portion of the auction had come to an end.

The break after the shocking bid of 5 million gold coins allowed everyone to slowly recover from their shock as they waited for the next portion of the auction to start.

After the young man paid for the Pearl Milkstone, he left the auction house with a darkened expression.

No matter how cutthroat the previous portion of the auction was, the next portion of the auction was filled with what most of them had come for.

Next up to be auctioned were precious magic books, long-lost daggers, and crystals from the Moon God Continent …

Only then did the real auction begin.

It was the start of the intense bidding war between the aristocratic families.

Batch after batch of items continued to be auctioned off at a high pace.

Even eighth-grade and above magical cores were auctioned off.

Not to mention the aristocratic families, even some experts could not help but take action.

For a moment, the entire venue was flooded with shouts of bids.

It was so lively.

Shen Yanxiao crouched backstage as she counted the gold coins.

Other than Qi Xia, the other four beasts were gathered around her.

It was only after those items were brought onto the stage that Qi Xias fighting prowess was revealed.

Turning tens of thousands of gold coins into hundreds of thousands of gold coins, and hundreds of thousands of gold coins into millions of gold coins were not an issue at all for him.

Shen Yanxiao could only concede defeat and worship that swindling mouth of his.

However, nothing could surpass the profit the Pearl Milkstone had brought into her pockets.

She definitely did not make just a small sum off that high of a price.

After most of the items were auctioned off, the next item was the advanced potions that Shen Yanxiao had personally concocted.

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