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Chapter 834: Auction (16)

The final bid for the third batch was higher, but not by much.

It was only 7.5 million gold coins.

When the last batch of Battle Aura Potions appeared, the atmosphere in the entire auction house changed.

Everyone wanted to make a last-ditch effort.

They had made concessions the previous few times because they wanted their strongest opponent to leave the stage as soon as possible.

The last batch was the key to the competition.

Each increment went from 100,000 to 1 million gold coins.

Their shouts were frightening.

In the end, the final bid for the fourth batch of potions exceeded 8 million gold coins, and in the end, it reached 8.7 million gold coins.

Qi Xia made his decision and ended the auction for the Battle Aura Potions.

The families who managed to get their hands on the potion beamed with smiles.

As for those who failed …

They were good at drawing circles in corners and cursing the rich!

Shen Yanxiao made a lot of money today.

The world looked extra beautiful to her today.

A hundred bottles of Battle Aura Potions had earned her 30 million gold coins!

It was a wonderful feeling to make money.

However, before the families in the main hall could relax, Qi Xia already brought out the Magic Potions.

As usual, the first twenty bottles were auctioned off by the bottle while the last eighty bottles were auctioned off by batches.

Come on, my dear friends!

The auction hall that had just quieted down once again erupted in noise.

At this point, the aristocratic families would not let a single bottle go, so they attacked from the very beginning.

Ordinary aristocratic families could only look on helplessly as they lamented that their ancestors were not as capable as the other partys ancestors.

The experts, who had wanted to grab a bottle of the potion, also sat quietly in their seats when they saw the aristocratic families fighting like wolves and tigers.

Even though experts had strength and reputation, their strength and wealth was built up from an individuals effort.

How could an individual be compared to a super aristocratic family that had settled down for hundreds of years

Reputation, connections, and prestige had all become fleeting clouds.

It was only one word,poor!

The total bid of the Magic Potions was about the same as the Battle Aura Potions.

Shen Yanxiao managed to get another 30 million gold coins.

As for the Body Tempering Potion, it was the highlight of the show.

Just by the sight of it, it was causing those aristocratic families to go crazy.

A hundred bottles of Body Tempering Potion, 50 million gold coins …

Within a few hours, Shen Yanxiao had earned more than 100 million gold coins.

That feeling was…


With that amount of money, she would be able to arm everyone in Sun Never Sets from head to toe.

She would be able to build a super city that everyone would worship!

Shen Yanxiao was very skilled in making money, while the aristocratic families were very skilled in being exploited.

However, the aristocratic families, who had been duped, were smiling from ear to ear.

The five beasts looked at those unfortunate families in silence.

They were too embarrassed to tell them that the three potions that Shen Yanxiao had concocted were usually drunk like water by them.

According to the bidding price, each of them had drunk at least twenty to thirty million gold coins worth of advanced potions.

All of a sudden, the five of them felt that it was great to have an Advanced Herbalist as their friend!

I dont have to pay for the potion! Can I kiss you

After conning the aristocratic families, the auction houses main highlight of the day, the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon, was coming up next.

The few million gold coins that the aristocratic families had spent were not even comparable to the worth of the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon.

They would not be able to get their hands on it without at least 80 to 90 million gold coins.

Everyone knew how precious the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon was.

It was a peerless weapon that only appeared once in a century, and it had always fetched a price of hundreds of millions.

Soon, everyone rubbed their palms and got ready for a fight.

In any case, since they were already in Sun Never Sets, they had no intention to bring any money back!

The final round!

Come on!

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