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Chapter 840: Life is a Tragedy (1)

On the other side, the black-robed man grabbed the Pearl Milkstone and rushed back to Fantasy Devil City with grief and indignation accumulating in his heart.

Even though he had accomplished his goal for the trip, his heart was about to explode.

If he was not afraid that he might kill that royalty from the Blue Moon Dynasty in a fit of anger, why would he leave in such a hurry

Even so, he had already decided to ask Jun Mo to investigate the background of that royalty from the Blue Moon Dynasty.

How could he possibly let the matter go after he had cheated him out of so much money

The black-robed man had shifted his anger to the royalty.

He did not even think about finding trouble with the Phantom Auction House.

After all, they were not the ones to raise the bid for the Pearl Milkstone, so there was no excuse to find trouble, right

As he galloped back to the Fantasy Devil City, the black-robed man immediately went to look for Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo with a gloomy expression.

He angrily placed the Pearl Milkstone on the table and sat on a stool with a displeased expression.

Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo looked at their friends unfriendly expression and then at the Pearl Milkstone.

“Now that you have the pearl, why do you still have a black face” Jun Mo teased the man.

The black-robed man snorted.

“Ive been cheated!”

“Why do you say that” Ouyang Huanyu raised his eyebrows in interest.

“This Pearl Milkstone should have cost more than a million gold coins, but a fool came out of nowhere and insisted on raising the bid.

In the end, it cost me 5 million gold coins.” The black-robed mans eyes were practically spitting fire.

“Er …”

Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo looked at each other.

The highest price they allowed the black-robed man to bid for the Pearl Milkstone was 5 million gold coins, and if it exceeded that amount, the black-robed man would have the right to snatch it illegally.

However, it was such a coincidence that the price of the Pearl Milkstone didnt go over the limit they had set.

If they did not know that only the three of them knew about the real use of Pearl Milkstones, they would have thought that someone had leaked the news and deliberately made things difficult for them.

“Forget it, we now have it in our hands.

This Pearl Milkstone is much larger than I expected.

We didnt suffer a loss at all.” Ouyang Huanyu comforted him with a calm demeanor.

Gold coins did not mean much to him as the integrative power in the Pearl Milkstone was his true goal.

“Forget it How can I forget how he slighted me” The black-cloaked man was not happy about that.

He did not care about money.

What he cared about was how he was disrespected.

How could he swallow his anger when the other party had fought him head-on “Jun Mo, help me investigate that bastard named Hu Bo.

I will cut him down!”

Jun Mo shot him a glance.

He knew that the black-robed man was furious, but he still accepted his request.

He did not care about the lives of others.

“Sure, I will ask Geng Di to check it out for you tonight.” Jun Mo enjoyed getting VIP treatment in Fantasy Devil City as a Great Herbalist.

Even Geng Di had to be polite when he saw him.

So, of course it was not a big deal to ask Geng Di to check on someone.

“I will chop him into mincemeat!” The black-robed man screamed.

Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo sighed.

They were not in the mood to care about the black-robed mans anger.

All their attention was on the Pearl Milkstone!

“This Pearl Milkstone is probably the largest one in the world.

At this size, it is enough for several test subjects to advance their strength.” Ouyang Huanyu looked at the huge Pearl Milkstone with satisfaction.

It was not easy to even find a soybean-sized Pearl Milkstone, and now, he was given such a huge one.

He was simply over the moon.

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