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Chapter 841: Life is a Tragedy (2)

Other than the missing test subjects, No.1 and No.2, they still had eight complete test subjects with them.

Coupled with Luo Fan, who was in reserve, there were in total nine of them.

Such a large Pearl Milkstone was more than enough for them to fuse with.

“It is rare to find such a large Pearl Milkstone.

What is the origin of this pearl Is there a problem with it” The black-robed man mumbled.

He did not want to spend such a large sum of money to just buy a counterfeit product.

Ouyang Huanyu said, “We are not the only ones who have thought of using Pearl Milkstones.

During the war between the devils and the gods, the devils used Pearl Milkstones to increase their strength.

Back then, the devils were truly unyielding.

They sent troops into the deep sea to capture a large number of merfolks.

Then they gathered all the captured merfolks and massacred them in cold blood.

When they died, their tears condensed into large Pearl Milkstones like this one in front of us.

However, most of those Pearl Milkstones had been consumed by the devils, leaving only a few left in the world.

I didnt expect to find one of them again.”

There was a trace of regret in Ouyang Huanyus tone.

Back then, he regretted his decision to abandon test subject No.1.

Not only did he lose the most perfect physique for their experiment, but he had also lost the most important item.

As a result, the test subjects that they had created from then on could only combine the powers of the seven races, losing the power of the God race.

If they had this Pearl Milkstone back then, perhaps that tragedy would have never happened.

“The devils are surely ruthless.” Jun Mo sighed.

Merfolks lived in the deep sea for most of their lives.

And if humans planned to invade like how the devils did, they would not be able to withstand the water pressure with their human physiques unless they had gone through the second class promotion.

However, the devils natural racial advantage allowed them to withstand the water pressure easily.

With such an advantage, a large number of devils easily snuck into the deep sea and captured the merfolks.

It was definitely a scene filled with rivers of blood.

The merfolks were a race that stood aloof from worldly affairs.

If the Devil race had not taken them captive, they would still be at the bottom of the sea during the war between gods and devils.

They would not have cared about the conflicts on the surface.

However, after the Devil race reached their hands to them, they had no choice but to join the war.

They would use the power of the sea to assist the God race in devouring the devils in the coastal areas.

“It is hard to believe that a fierce race like the Devil race would be sent back to the underworld.” Jun Mo had a certain degree of fanaticism for the Devil race, as he advocated the strong.

The black-robed man said, “The God race had the help of humans, merfolk, dragons, elves, and dwarves, while the only ally the Devil race had was the undead.

Even so, the God race suffered genocide after they repelled the Devil race.

You can imagine how terrifying the fighting strength of the Devil race was.”

It was hard to believe that the alliance of two races was on par with the alliance of the six major races.

Even though the devils had been repelled, no one believed that the God race was stronger than the devils.

Otherwise, why would the God race perish before the devils perished

Ouyang Huanyu chuckled when he saw their admiration for devils.

“You only know half of the truth.”

“Why do you say that” The two of them turned and looked at Ouyang Huanyu at the same time.

In fact, they had known the old man for hundreds of years, but they still had not figured out his strength and identity.

The only thing they knew was that Ouyang Huanyu knew everything that had happened in the Brilliance Continent like the back of his hand.

Ouyang Huanyu caressed the smooth Pearl Milkstone and said, “The God race had fallen because they were few in number, while the devils survived only because they were more numerous.”

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