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Chapter 842: Life is a Tragedy (3)

“Even though the God race was revered by many races and possessed powerful godly powers, they had a fatal weakness.

With that one weakness, the God race would not be able to sustain for long, even if the devils had not attacked.”

“The God race had a fatal weakness” Both of them could not believe it.

The race that could seal the passage between the underworld and the continent had a fatal weakness

Ouyang Huanyu smiled and said, “Even though the God race was powerful, their fertility rate was abysmally low.

Even though they had a long lifespan, they could not avoid death when it came.

However, at that time, it had been thousands of years since a newborn was born in the God race.

It seemed like they had lost the ability to give birth to the next generation.

Therefore, even if the Devil race didnt fight against the God race, the God race would still be completely extinct after tens of thousands of years.”

The Devil race was the most fertile race among the eight major races.

In comparison, the number of gods who could not conceive a successor had been increasing while the number of devils were continuously growing.

At the start of the war, tens of millions of devil soldiers stepped onto the battlefield against a few thousand gods.

A few thousand against tens of millions.

It was hard to believe.

That was the real reason why the God race had fallen.

It was not that they could not defeat the Devil race, but their numbers were too low.

If the gods were as numerous as the devils, the Devil race would never dare to invade the continent, no matter how courageous they were.

The fighting capability of the God race was unmatched among the eight major races!

Demons were ranked second, followed by dragons, undead, elves, merfolk, and dwarves.

The humans were obviously the weakest.

Ouyang Huanyu started to detect the integrative power in the Pearl Milkstone as he spoke.

He could only distribute it after he had grasped the quantity of it.

However, his expression soon darkened.

“Murong Yuan!” Ouyang Huanyu called out in a low voice that was filled with displeasure.

The black-robed man shivered when Ouyang Huanyu called out his real name.


They had known each other for hundreds of years, and he had only seen Ouyang Huanyus frightening gaze when the test subject No.1 disappeared.

“What did you buy!” Ouyang Huanyu smashed the Pearl Milkstone into pieces and glared at the innocent Murong Yuan.

Ouyang Huanyu smashed five million gold coins into dust, and Murong Yuans expression immediately froze.

“Whats wrong” Jun Mo also noticed that something was amiss.

“Whats wrong The integrative power in the Pearl Milkstone has been used up.

This is merely a useless rock!” Ouyang Huanyus breathing became labored.

“How is that possible!” Murong Yuan stood up and looked at the pile of powder in disbelief.

For the sake of buying it, he had suffered a lot.

So after he bought the Pearl Milkstone, he immediately placed it in his interspatial ring and did not check it carefully.

But since Ouyang Huanyu said it was fake, then it must be true.

“Idiot! You cant even accomplish such a simple task!” Ouyang Huanyu scolded him with a darkened expression.

Murong Yuan had been too careless.

If he had checked the Pearl Milkstone before this, he would have definitely found something odd about and told them about it.

However, the kid did not say anything, and that made Ouyang Huanyu think that Murong Yuan had checked the integrative power in the Pearl Milkstone and was prepared to use it for their experiments.

In the end, it was all for nothing.

Murong Yuan did not dare to speak back as he knew that he had messed up the mission.

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