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Chapter 843: Life is a Tragedy (4)

Ouyang Huanyu and the others were furious, but they also knew that it was unlikely that the devils would leave a large Pearl Milkstone unused.

In the end, they could only admit defeat.

How would they feel if they knew that the integrative power in the Pearl Milkstone was actually used up by an unscrupulous thief a few days ago

“Forget it.

Maybe it was used by devils.

You cant blame Murong Yuan for that.” Jun Mo tried to smooth things over for Murong Yuan at the right time.

Compared to Ouyang Huanyu, he had a better relationship with Murong Yuan.

They could be regarded as fellow disciples.

“Hmph.” Ouyang Huanyu flicked his sleeves and glared at Murong Yuan.

“Lets forget about this.

Also, how is your investigation of Sun Never Sets going”

Murong Yuan looked at Ouyang Huanyu with a strange feeling in his heart.

Ouyang Huanyu usually gave off a gentle feeling, and he rarely got angry.

Even if he and Jun Mo fought, the old man would not have any reaction.

However, he did not expect that he would get so angry today.

As expected, Ouyang Huanyus gentle temperament would change as long as it was related to anything about the test subjects.

“I entered Sun Never Sets the day before the auction.

According to my investigation, other than the members from the five great aristocratic families of the Longxuan Empire, there are no other experts in the city.

Furthermore, Shen Feng and Shen Ling of the Vermilion Bird Family have moved to Sun Never Sets,” Murong Yuan said.

“The Vermilion Bird Family is preparing to move their base to Sun Never Sets.

Something must have happened in the capital.

Otherwise, they would not have made such a bold move.” Ouyang Huanyu narrowed his eyes and looked at Murong Yuan thoughtfully.

“Have someone from the Longxuan Empire investigate if anything has happened to the Vermilion Bird Family in the capital.”

“Alright.” Murong Yuan nodded.

Jun Mo looked at Ouyang Huanyu.

He was quite concerned about Shen Yanxiao.

“I say, now that our previous plans have failed, we will be unable to make a move against Sun Never Sets again.

After this auction is over, the reputation of Sun Never Sets will increase by leaps and bounds.

Im afraid your plan will fail.” Jun Mo propped his chin and looked at Ouyang Huanyu with ill intentions.

Ouyang Huanyu frowned.

He knew that Jun Mo was referring to his plan of suppressing Shen Yanxiao and forcing her to submit.

“I didnt expect you to be so useless.” Ouyang Huanyu sneered.

Jun Mos expression changed.

He was the one who had cast the curse, but the entire city was in perfect condition.

Did that not mean he was incapable

“Since you think I am useless, why dont you do it yourself” Jun Mo looked at Ouyang Huanyu with displeasure.

Ouyang Huanyu had never personally taken action.

Most of the time, he and Murong Yuan would do the dirty work.

Ouyang Huanyu said slowly, “No hurry.”

“Not hurry Ha, if you had not insisted on keeping Shen Yanxiao alive, I would have brought my men and massacred the entire population of Sun Never Sets.” Jun Mo was upset.

He had already promised Luo Fan, and it would not look good on him if he were to fall flat on his promise.

If he could use his usual methods, why would he need to go through so much trouble to cast a curse on her As long as he could get some men from the organization, it would be enough to cause trouble for the entire city.

Ouyang Huanyu shot a glance at Jun Mo and said, “I must keep her alive.

If you dare to attack her on your own accord, I will not show you any mercy.”

“Oh You dont want to do anything to her, and Im not allowed to even mess with her.

What are we supposed to do, huh” Jun Mo was already somewhat dissatisfied.

Ouyang Huanyu said, “Killing is not my aim.

I want that little girl to surrender herself to me.

So now is not the time to make a move.

Only when she ascends the peak with Sun Never Sets will she fall into despair the moment everything she loves is destroyed.”

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