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Chapter 851: The God Realm Appears (4)

The world called this phenomenon a beast tide.

Once demonic beasts appeared on the continent, they would destroy what they had built in an instant.

The four countries were afraid of the demon beasts, and the only organization who could keep the beast tide in check was the God Realm.

Every time a beast tide appeared, the four countries would tacitly request for the God Realms help.

Even if the God Realm were to take action, they would be able to curb the beast tide in its entirety.

Every time there was a beast tide, the four countries would act as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

However, no matter what plan they cooked up, they could not kill them all.

The demon beasts had inherited the devils fertile trait.

As long as a small portion of the demon beasts escaped back to the Obscure Forest, they could still create a terrifying beast tide in another hundred years.

However, how could a million demon beasts be killed so easily

The beast tide had become a nightmare for the people in the Forsaken Land.

Four cities had been completed in the Forsaken Land, but only the Blizzard City owned by the God Wind Alliance had existed for more than a hundred years.

Not long after the Blizzard City was completed, they encountered a beast tide.

The city that they had painstakingly built for more than a decade was immediately destroyed by the demon beasts, not to mention the countless casualties.

The second Blizzard City had been rebuilt after the beast tide.

The first-generation Blizzard City had been trampled by the iron hooves of the beast tide.

Shen Yanxiao had built Sun Never Sets just before the arrival of the beast tide, and that was extremely bad news for her.

Even though she had never seen a demon beast before, it was not easy to deal with a creature that could cause an advanced-ranked demons expression to change.

The sages words made sense.

The God Realm had been responsible for resisting the beast tide for a long time, so it was reasonable for them to come to the Forsaken Land to investigate before the beast tide arrived.


Did the sage have to personally investigate the situation

It was evident that the sage had other reasons for his appearance.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not ask him about it.

She was relieved when she realized that the sage was being kind to her.

He was probably not here to cause her trouble.

“The beast tide is truly dangerous.

I wonder if the sage can predict when the beast tide will start” Shen Yanxiaos heart thumped.

She had not noticed the beast tide at all.

When she heard about the beast tide from the sage, she felt nervous.

Even though the city walls of Sun Never Sets were sturdy, the beast tide was too terrifying.

Who knew what would happen if they were to encounter each other

Besides, she was already prepared to reclaim the four cities in the east, south, and west of Sun Never Sets.

If she were to encounter a beast tide during that period, she would cry her eyes out.

The sage understood Shen Yanxiaos concern.

Sun Never Sets had just been completed in the Forsaken Land, but it had already landed itself in a troublesome predicament.

No one could guarantee that it would not follow in the footsteps of the first Blizzard City.

“According to my calculations, there is still more than a year before the beast tide arrives.”

A year was neither too long nor too short.

Based on Shen Yanxiaos speed of building Sun Never Sets, it was enough time for her to reclaim the four cities.

However, it would be difficult to withstand the attacks from the beast tide.

The city walls of Sun Never Sets were built with obsidian, making them extremely sturdy.

They were also reinforced with arrays.

Xiu had mentioned that the city walls were so hard that they could disregard all siege weapons.

But what about the other four cities

Even though Shen Yanxiao could continue to use obsidian to build the city walls, no one could guarantee that the obsidian walls would withstand the demon beasts attacks without the protection of the magical arrays.

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