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Chapter 857: The God Realm Appears (10)

“Ah Yu, youve gone astray.” Qi Xia looked at Yan Yu with a sad expression.

He was the purest and most gentle of them all.

How did the spring turn into black water

“One who gets close to ink turns black.” Yan Yu tried his best to diffuse the situation.

Who was he close to Other than the members of the Phantom, there was nobody else.

Alas, they could not tease Yan Yu.

They even were teased instead.

All of them lamented about Yan Yus soaring fighting strength.

Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia must have influenced them.

Shen Yanxiao could no longer sit still.

With the knowledge that the other party was an impostor and with Nangong Mengmeng staring at her incessantly, she felt as if the air around her had thinned.

“Sage, grandpa, I have something to take care of.

Please continue with your conversation.” Shen Yanxiao made up an excuse to slip away.

She was the city lord, and with that position came with a lot of responsibilities she had to uphold every day.

It was quite a waste of time for her to chat mindlessly.

Nangong Mengmeng was moved by Shen Yanxiaos heroic image.

She quickly gave her a hundred thumbs up in her heart.

As expected of her idol, she was always busy with work.

“Go ahead.” Shen Feng smiled, not urging for her to stay.

Old people like him might wish to be more in contact with the God Realm, but his granddaughter was still young.

She would probably feel uncomfortable if she were to be restricted like that.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao immediately slipped away when she heard that.

But before she left, she called for her friends.

The five beasts also left with the excuse to help Shen Yanxiao with her matters.

After the six of them left, Nangong Mengmeng stared at the door with reluctance as she thought about her plans.

A moment later, she found an excuse…

“Sage, my stomach hurts.” Nangong Mengmeng pitifully covered her belly and told the sage that she was sick.

How could the sage not know what she was thinking But, he did not force her to stay.

He just let her be.

After Nangong Mengmeng regained her freedom, she immediately flew out and asked around for Shen Yanxiaos whereabouts.

At that moment, the Phantom members had gathered at the back garden of the mansion.

“What do you think of the sage” Shen Yanxiao pondered for a long time before she decided to share Xius theory with them.

“Just so-so.” Tang Nazhi was not clear, but he didnt feel bad about the sage.

Just that he was too aloof to play with them; they could still pay him a visit, though.

“He has a good, calm temperament,” Yan Yu commented.

“Have you thought of something” Qi Xia felt that Shen Yanxiaos question was not without reason.

It was strange that she would suddenly ask about their feelings about the sage.

She was not a gossipy person.

If Tang Nazhi was the one asking, then it would not be unusual.

Qi Xias attentiveness made Shen Yanxiao laugh.

That profiteer… even the slightest signs of trouble could not escape his perception.

“Would you believe me if I said that the sage is not the same person who had helped us awaken our mythical beasts” Shen Yanxiao slowly dropped a bombshell.

For a moment, everyone was dumbstruck.

Except for Li Xiaowei, who had never seen the sage, the rest of them had met him before.

Whether it was his appearance, physique, or temperament, the sage in Sun Never Sets was exactly the same as they remembered.

They found it hard to accept when Shen Yanxiao suddenly said that he was a fake.

“Why do you think so” Qi Xia frowned.

The fact that the sage was a fake was not a small matter.

Furthermore, he did not see any suspicious signs from the god envoys around the sage.

However, Shen Yanxiao must have noticed something if she made that guess.

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