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Chapter 858: The God Realm Appears (11)

Naturally, Shen Yanxiao would not tell them that Xiu was the one who told her about this.

“I felt it.

Even though he does not look any different, I just could not sense his power.

When the sage awakened Vermilion Bird in the Lava Valley, I could still sense it then.

But now, I cant sense anything.”

Everyone could accept Shen Yanxiaos explanation.

They understood why she had such doubts.

When Vermilion Bird was awakened, Shen Yanxiao had yet to advance to the first class.

She could only be regarded as a beginner who trained in both magic and battle aura.

She could already sense his aura when she was at the initial level.

However, when she advanced to the advanced level, she could no longer sense his aura.

This was rather odd.

“I didnt notice it before.

Based on what you said, it does seem to be the case.

When I met the sage, I did not sense any aura from him either.” Qi Xia touched his chin.

He did not suspect anything because the sages appearance perfectly overlapped with his memories and because the god envoys around him were acting normally.

However, when Shen Yanxiao pointed that out, there was indeed something different about the sage.

Except for Shen Yanxiao, none of them had noticed it.

“Err, impersonate the sage Isnt that too reckless” Tang Nazhi was speechless.

He did not doubt Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xias deductions, but he was still shocked.

What was the sages status in the Brilliance Continent

How could someone impersonate him Did he have a death wish

Even if someone dared to impersonate the rulers of the four countries, no one would dare to provoke the God Realm.

“That might not be the case.

If the sage were to personally instruct that fake to impersonate him, there would be no danger.” Qi Xia narrowed his eyes as if he was deep in thought.

“Ordered by the sage” Tang Nazhi found it even more ridiculous.

There were actually people who would look for someone to pretend to be themselves Wasnt that just troublesome


Those god envoys dont look like they are fake.

So they must have come from the God Realm.

The sage is the person with the highest authority in the God Realm, and all the god envoys only listen to his orders.

If they had the sages orders, those god envoys would no doubt cooperate with the impersonator.

Furthermore, with them as cover, no one would doubt the impersonators identity.” The crafty little fox had managed to swap the crown princes measurements perfectly.

If it were not for Xiu, she would still be in the dark.

“I wonder why thissage has come to our city.”

“Since hes here, he must have a motive.

I dont believe hes here to check on the beast tide.” Qi Xia wrinkled his eyebrows.

The sages explanation seemed reasonable, but it was also unreasonable.

It was important to pay attention to the movements of the beast tide.

However, there was still more than a year to go before the beast tide would commence.

With so much time left, the sage did not need to personally go and check it out.

The god envoys from the God Realm alone were scary enough.

If the situation was so serious that the sage needed to check it out personally, he would not have sent an imposter.

These god envoys were not from any of the four countries.

As people of the God Realm, no matter which city they were in, even without the sage, they would still receive the most sincere reception.

“It doesnt make sense.

When thissage visited Sun Never Sets for seemingly no reason, I already had a feeling that something is amiss.

It is very likely that he is here to observe the beast tide and to find out about the situation in Sun Never Sets.” The more Qi Xia thought about it, the more he felt that the entourage from the God Realm must have an underlying motive for coming here.

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