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Chapter 874: Northern Region (1)

The so-called immoral city lord was Shen Yanxiao.

When they needed her, she would appear in a rush, and when she was not needed, she would start to slack off.

It was not the right time for her to stay in Sun Never Sets so she decided to skip her classes!

Of course, she would never admit that Xiu was the reason why she snuck out without any hesitation!

After she changed her appearance, she wore a cloak and held a map of the Forsaken Land.

Shen Yanxiao stood a few kilometers away from Sun Never Sets as she looked at the scenery around her.

After she left Sun Never Sets, she passed through at least six to seven cities in a single night.

She would occasionally encounter one or two demons, but they would leave the moment they saw her.

They did not even resemble the demons who once ate humans for food.

Which demon would not pounce on a human and devour them

Did those demons even have any dignity left

In any case, the demons in the eastern region of the Forsaken Land would no longer take the initiative to attack humans who entered the Forsaken Land.

They did not have the courage to challenge a human city lord who had hundreds of advanced-ranked demons.

Therefore, they chose to ignore the humans.

In order not to be tempted by the humans aura, they would go the opposite way of any humans they saw.

In any case, it was common for demons in the Forsaken Land to not have a single bite of human flesh for hundreds of years.

They were still strong so they would not starve for the time being.

Furthermore, they had heard that there were dark elements in Sun Never Sets that demons would drool over.

If they were fortunate enough to enter Sun Never Sets and have the chance to try this genuinely delicious food, then would it not be worthwhile to let these useless humans go in exchange of not provoking the City Lord of Sun Never Sets They were still waiting for their turn to immigrate, so shouldnt they show her a good performance

Since the demons in the eastern region were so well-behaved that it was heartbreaking, Shen Yanxiao could not rely on them to train herself.

“Was it a mistake for me to train them too well” Shen Yanxiao held her forehead in depression when she saw the fifteenth demon turn and leave from a hundred meters away.

Xiu had mentioned that the best way to increase her strength in a short period of time was to engage in actual combat.

Only in a real battle could she stimulate her potential.

In the Forsaken Land, only advanced-ranked demons could suppress her in terms of strength.

Shen Yanxiaos plan to leave Sun Never Sets was to train in magic and battle aura in the Forsaken Land while she fought with a few advanced demons to improve herself.

However, in the eastern region, even low-ranked demons would not attack humans, let alone advanced-ranked demons with intelligence comparable to humans.

It was difficult to train in her territory so Shen Yanxiao had no choice but to shift her attention to other areas.

The city that the Seventh Kingdom belonged to was located in the west of the Forsaken Land, but it was the furthest from the eastern region so there was no need to consider it.

Shen Yanxiao had also had a disagreement with Fantasy Devil City in the southern region.

In the end, the only suitable place for her to go would probably be the northern region, the territory of the God Wind Alliance.

The God Wind Alliance was the first country to gain a foothold in the Forsaken Land, and Blizzard City had also thrived after hundreds of years of operations.

Even though the other three forces had tried to suppress the construction of Sun Never Sets, the Seventh Kingdom and the God Wind Alliance did not take any action.

It was their gesture of kindness to their new neighbor.

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