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Chapter 880: Delicate Night (4)

If they were not discovered and corrected in time, wouldnt she lose her life if they had been discovered in a fight

When she thought about that, Shen Yanxiao became more serious.

Xiu sincerely wanted to teach her.

“I understand.” The smile on Shen Yanxiaos face faded, and a trace of seriousness appeared in her eyes.

Xiu knew that Shen Yanxiao was very perceptive, so he did not say anything else.

He stood in his position and waited for her to attack again.

Shen Yanxiao had learned her lesson.

She did not attack Xiu immediately.

Instead, she turned around and escaped from the light crystals as she blended into the darkness.

She was an exceptional thief goddess, and she was best at concealing her aura and footsteps.

However, since her reincarnation, she had relied too much on her battle aura and magic, and so she neglected her advantages.

After Xius guidance, she immediately understood that she needed to play to her strengths and avoid her weaknesses.

In the pitch-black forest, only a little light could be seen.

Xiu stood quietly in front of the cave that was surrounded by light crystals.

He could only hear the wind blowing past his ears.

An imperceptible smile curled on his thin lips.

The little girl was learning very quickly.

If someone of the second class promotion were to look for the little girl, it would be impossible to find her in this silent night.

The forest was silent.

Shen Yanxiao was like an agile cheetah as she blended into the night.

She narrowed her eyes and stared at Xiu in the light.

Then, she restrained her aura and suppressed her battle aura and magic.

The moment she pulled the bowstring, her concealed aura would spread out.

Before that, she had to find a perfect angle and seize the best opportunity to strike.

Archers who hid in the dark were like modern snipers.

They hid in unknown places as they waited for their targets to reveal a flaw so that they could kill them in one shot!

All the preparations were for that single moment.

Shen Yanxiao slowed down her breaths and narrowed her eyes.

Suddenly, a glint of determination flashed across her eyes.

In less than a second, she took out an arrow and swiftly formed a seal with one hand.

She finished casting the curse when the arrow was fully nocked on the bowstring.

The next moment, the arrow tore through the air!

The lightning-like arrow pierced through the night sky, streaking across a silver light towards Xius forehead!

“Even though there is progress, it is still insufficient.” The moment Shen Yanxiao released the arrow, Xiu immediately sensed the battle aura and magic that exploded in the darkness.

He swept his finger across and deflected the incoming arrow.

The next second, he had already flown towards the source of the aura.

In the darkness, he reached out to touch it, but his fingertips did not feel the warmth that he expected.

Instead, it was cold and stiff.

Through the darkness, Xiu saw an arrow nailed to a tree branch.

The arrow radiated a steady stream of magical power.


Xiu was stunned when he heard the sound of an arrow.

He turned around and grabbed the arrow in his hand.

Just as he checked for Shen Yanxiaos aura, he noticed that dozens of magical auras had suddenly appeared in the pitch-black surroundings.

Xiu revealed a rare smile in the dark night.

“Shes finally using her brain.”

The chaotic aura must have been a trap.

The little girl had started to get serious.

Only by disrupting the opponents judgment could Archers launch an attack.

She had learned quickly!


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