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Chapter 892:Hero Saving the Beauty (7)

Gu Feng finally relaxed when he knew that he would not die.

“Oh, thats not a big deal.

As long as they dont kill us, I will protect you.

Yaoyao, I will protect you!” Now that his life was no longer in danger, Gu Feng immediately thought of ways to get closer to Long Xueyao.

He pretended to be strong as he stood in front of her, as if he was a hero who was saving the damsel in distress.

Long Xueyao glanced at him but said nothing.

“Haha, are you that relaxed now that you know you wont die Humans are so hypocritical.

How can you protect her” The advanced-ranked demons had already walked in front of them, and on the way there, they had heard Gu Fengs words.

They thought that the tiny human was a hypocrite and a joke.

Just moments ago, he was as afraid as a spooked quail.

However, after he knew that he would not die, he shamelessly assumed the posture of a hero.

He did not realize that the mercenaries who would fight to the death to protect them would become minced meat in their mouths.

“You… dont come near me!” Gu Feng felt chills when he saw the advanced-ranked demons so close.

He clearly remembered that the ten advanced-level professionals that his father sent to protect him had been torn into pieces by this demon.

“My… My father is Gu Lan, the leader of the Iron Blood Mercenary Group! He will give you many slaves! As long as you dont kill me!” Gu Fengs unyielding spirit was crushed by the advanced-ranked demons domineering aura.

“I know, Young Master of the Iron Blood Mercenary Group.

Rest assured that I will not kill you.” The taller demon chuckled and shifted his gaze to Long Xueyao.

Long Xueyaos gaze was very sharp.

She was not scared out of her wits like Gu Feng.

She stared at the two demons with vigilance as if she would attack at any time.

The taller demon raised his eyebrows.

“Young Miss of Blizzard City, Long Xueyao Are you trying to resist”

Long Xueyao sneered but did not reply.

However, Gu Feng was the first to speak up.

“No! We wont resist! As long as you dont kill us, our fathers will give you many good things!”

He was the young leader of a mercenary group, and yet he had to beg for mercy in front of demons without any dignity.

It was such a disgrace!

Long Xueyao looked at Gu Feng with disdain, but she paid attention to her surroundings.

The mercenaries used their last ounce of strength to protect their safety.

Their blood stained the ground beneath their feet.

Long Xueyao was also from a mercenary group, and she had always regarded the mercenaries as her family.

She could not be like Gu Feng, who could disregard the sacrifices of others.

Long Xueyao took a deep breath.

She was only a magus, and she had only reached the level of an Intermediate Magus.

How could she possibly deal with an advanced-ranked demon that even Fang Qiu could not defeat


She did not want to surrender just like that!

Even though she knew that she was no match for them, Long Xueyao still raised her staff and immediately released a fireball at the two demons.

The moment the flames touched the two demons, they were easily extinguished.

“Human, are you trying to infuriate us” The shorter demon looked at the skinny human girl in disbelief.

He did not expect that she would dare to resist at this point!

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