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Chapter 895:Hero Saving the Beauty (10)

Not even a Great Archer could accomplish that feat!

However, the young man had done it!

When the two demons looked at Shen Yanxiao, the contempt in their eyes faded.

“I didnt expect you to have such skills.” They had underestimated the kid.

He looked to be about fourteen to fifteen years old, so how could he shoot so accurately and quickly

The two demons were shocked by Shen Yanxiaos display of skill.

Even Long Xueyao, who stood behind Shen Yanxiao, did not expect that the seemingly fragile young man would have such skills.

Long Xueyao knew many powerful Archers in the Blizzard Mercenary Group, and one of them was even a Great Archer.

She had seen the Great Archer attacking with her own eyes, but even he was not as fast as Shen Jue.

Shen Yanxiao smiled as she looked at the two demons.

“What do you think Do you want to compete with me”

“Stinky brat, so be it.

Do you really think that you can defeat both of us with your skills” The taller demon sneered.

The kid had some skills.

But, that was even better.

They did not even care about ordinary humans.

Only the strong could satisfy their taste buds.

“We will know if I can win or not once we fight.” Shen Yanxiao was not nervous at all.

Finally, she caught some advanced-ranked demons for a spar!

“Do you want to attack me together Or do you want to attack me one by one” Shen Yanxiao asked with a smile.

The strength of an advanced-ranked demon was comparable to a Second-Class Expert, but Shen Yanxiao was already an Advanced Professional of two professions.

With the combination of an Archer and a Warlock, it was not impossible for her to challenge a Second-Class Expert.

Furthermore, Xiu had already pointed out her flaws, which improved her strength tremendously!

“Since you have the ability to challenge both of us, we will not stand on ceremony with you!” The two demons dashed towards the boulder at the same time.

Demons were not as valiant as humans.

They would not fight one-on-one according to silly human customs.

The winner was king, and the loser was thief.

Plus, the kid had some skills.

To make sure they would not fail, they decided to work together.

They did not believe that the kid would have any advantage against the combined attacks of two advanced-ranked demons.

The advanced-ranked demons climbed up the stairs very quickly, but Shen Yanxiao only smiled.

As Long Xueyao cried out in alarm, she leaped down the stone steps with Clemance in her hands.

When the two demons saw Shen Yanxiao leaving the stone steps, a crafty glint flashed past their eyes.

The two demons did not attack her.

Instead, they continued to move towards the stone steps.

“Idiot, who wants to fight you!” The taller demon mocked Shen Yanxiao as he was about to step on the stone steps.

The kid was still too inexperienced.

Even though they were forced to fight her, that was only because she was on advantageous terrain.

Since she had already left the stone steps, they could just go up and grab Long Xueyao.

Who would have the time to fight a random kid

The demons sinister and crafty nature was evident.

Just as the taller demons hand was about to reach the stone steps to grab Long Xueyao, ten arrows flew towards the taller demon.

The dense cluster of arrows forced the taller demon to dodge.

He hastily ran to the side and clung onto the boulder.

On the other side, the shorter demon continued climbing the stone steps before pouncing on Long Xueyao.

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