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Chapter 899:Hero Saving The Beauty (14)

“Hmm.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

The shorter demon shut his mouth.

There were indeed people with special physiques among humans.

They could learn battle aura and magic at the same time.

These people were tricky for demons as they only needed to switch between their battle aura and magic to avoid detection.

However, it had been hundreds of years since a human possessed such a unique physique.

“I admit defeat.” The shorter demon knew that he had fallen into a trap.

Among all the professions in the human world, Warlocks countered demons the most.

The curses that Warlocks used were superimposed when used on demons.

Humans had mental energy and could resist curses to a certain extent, but the demons did not.

That was why the curse that Shen Yanxiao had cast on him was so effective.

Except for moving his eyes and mouth, the shorter demon could not move at all.

He knew his limits, knowing that he had suffered a crushing defeat.

Even if he resisted, it would be useless.

The only result was to be tortured by that little kid.

“Do as you please.

I am not as skilled as you.” The shorter demon closed his eyes.

The plan they had for the past few months was about to succeed, but they did not expect a young human to disrupt it.

Now that he was in the mercy of that young man, he knew that demons and humans could not coexist.

He could already guess his fate.

However, after waiting for a long time, the shorter demon did not die as he expected.

Puzzled, he opened his eyes and saw Shen Yanxiaos eyes that seemed to smile.

“Dont be nervous.

I have no intention to kill you.

If I win, all you have to do is to let these people go.” She was the chief representative of the ongoing movement of caring about demons, and she still wished to recruit these two crafty demons.

How could she possibly kill her future general

“You wont kill me” The shorter demon looked as if he had seen a ghost.

“I am a demon, and you are a human.

How could you not kill me” He did not understand Shen Yanxiaos thoughts.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

“Why should I kill you So what if you are a demon So what if I am a human Would demons eat humans if they had dark elements”

“Dark elements How did you know…” The shorter demon was somewhat surprised.

Demons had been in the human world for thousands of years, and almost no humans remembered that their real food was dark elements.

Everyone regarded humans as food for demons.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and quietly took out the black crystal from her space ring.

She waved it in front of the shorter demons nose and immediately stuffed it back in.

In a mere second or two, the familiar scent made the shorter demons eyes light up.

“Its the smell of dark elements!” The rare delicacy made the shorter demon forget about his predicament as he squinted his eyes in satisfaction.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“Do you want it”

The shorter demon immediately nodded.

Shen Yanxiao patted the shorter demons head as if she was petting him.

“If you follow me, you will have an endless amount of dark elements.”

“Follow… follow you” The shorter demon was stunned.

“Yes, follow me,” Shen Yanxiao whispered, “take your people to the Sun Never Sets in the east.

There are good things waiting for you there.”

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