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About twenty youngsters immediately followed him.

The test venue was quite spacious and could accommodate more than a hundred people at any one time.

Another five batches of students entered the venue along with the group that Shen Yanxiao was in.

They were then herded into the already segregated areas to take the test.

Shen Yanxiaos group was brought to a row of tables with various apparatus laid out on them.

“I will now demonstrate the method to create a sobering potion.

I will only do it once, so pay attention.” After that, the expressionless teacher immediately worked with the apparatus before him.

A translucent crystal test tube that sparkled flew into his hands and stalks of medicinal plants were rapidly refined into half a bottle of dark green liquid.

The teacher completed the steps, one by one.

The twenty-plus test candidates looked at the teachers every move attentively, as they feared that they would miss a required procedure.

A few minutes later, a perfect sobering potion appeared before their eyes.

“You have thirty minutes to do this.

After thirty minutes, those who passed shall stay here while those who have failed will need to leave the Saint Laurent Academy immediately.” The teachers low voice echoed.

The new students immediately shuddered.

They wanted them to produce a sobering potion individually after just one demonstration What a joke.

Even though the sobering potion is one of the simplest potions to make, it would still be difficult for the new students who were not even herbalist apprentices.

However, everyone already knew that the Saint Laurent Academys tests had always been difficult and crazy.

They did not dare to refute and could only rely on their memory and luck.

After the teacher spoke, the students immediately took their places in front of a set of concocting apparatus and started their attempts.

Stalks of medicinal ingredients had been placed on one side, so they only had to follow the teachers previous actions.

The reality was always harsher than the perfection that one imagined.

They could not remember every bit of detail from just one demonstration.

Most of them made huge mistakes, one after another.

They could only force themselves to continue in hopes that they could enter the Herbalist Division.

All of them were at the same level.

So, regardless of the mistakes, they would have been fine as long as they followed the teachers instructions.

Even if they had failed, they only had to fare better than the other students.

They doubted that the academy would kick twenty-plus students out of the venue at the same time.

Luo De stood at the side and looked at those new students as they cluelessly made their attempts.

His frown deepened.

Even though the new students tried their best to observe his actions, their hands-on practical was a tragic sight.

Suddenly, Luo De noticed an unusual situation.

While all the rest of the new students fiddled with the apparatus, one of them just stood in front of the equipment.

However, he did not move.

He was an ordinary-looking little guy, and his skinny figure seemed inconspicuous among everyone else.

As he stood in front of the table, his lively eyes swept across each of the apparatuses on the table, but he did not move his hands.

Luo De quirked his eyebrow, but he did not say anything.

He merely watched the students.

Thirty minutes went by very quickly, and most of the students had stopped their attempts.

Ultimately, the result was a tragic sight.

The sobering potion that Luo De had produced was pure dark green and without any impurities.

Even the simplest sobering potion was enough to reflect his exceptional skill in potion-making.

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