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Chapter 912: To Stay or To Leave (2)

“Youre too kind, Miss Long.

It was a simple task, so you dont have to thank me.

I was the one who had agreed to escort you all the way here.

Since Ive sent you all here, I have no reason to stay any longer after Ive received my remuneration.” Shen Yanxiao had achieved her objective.

She was not interested in anything in Blizzard City.

The only things that interested her were the Thunder Artillery on the city walls.

However, the blueprints for the Thunder Artillery were classified information.

Even if she accepted Long Xueyaos invitation to stay in Blizzard City, Long Xueyao would not give her the blueprints.

So, she would have to think of a solution herself.

Long Xueyao was anxious when she saw Shen Yanxiaos determined attitude.

She was grateful that Shen Yanxiao had saved her life, not to mention that she had a favorable impression of her.

How could she be willing to see her benefactor get driven away by anger

“Shen Jue, dont be angry.

I know youre a good person!” Long Xueyao hastily said.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

The rage that burned because of Gu Lans words were calmed down by Long Xueyaos words.

A good person

She was not a good person.

Standing in front of the city lord, she was still scheming about how to get the blueprint of the Thunder Artillery.

Long Fei sighed when he saw how anxious his daughter was.

“Little brother Shen, all visitors are guests, and you are my daughters benefactor.

Therefore, I will not allow you to drag your exhausted self away.

After all, the Forsaken Land is not a peaceful place.

If you dont mind, please rest here for a few days before you leave.” Long Fei admired Shen Yanxiaos personality.

She was neither servile nor overbearing, and she was also very courageous.

It was rare to see such traits in a young person.

Which of the younger generation in the God Wind Alliance was not respectful when they met the big shots of the Brotherhood Alliance

Not many people would dare to ignore their identities.

There was no intentional flattery or hypocritical flattery.

One would like such a genuine young man.

Long Feis proposal shocked Gu Lan.

“Brother Long Fei, what are you doing” His sons rival in love was about to leave, but he did not expect Long Fei to personally ask him to stay!

Long Fei looked at Gu Lan with a smile.

There was a trace of determination in his wise and farsighted eyes.

“Brother Gu, you worry too much.

This little brother here is a man of integrity, and he has even saved my daughter.

How can I repay kindness with evil”

Gu Lans heart skipped a beat.

He had been too anxious when he framed Shen Yanxiao, so he did not conceal his motives well.

It seemed like Long Fei had seen through his intentions.

Furthermore, he had defended Shen Yanxiao and told him not to say anything else.

Even though Gu Lan had a smile on his face, he cursed internally.

Long Fei was still as shrewd as ever.

Gu Lan did not say anything else.

If he did, Long Fei would not be so easy to deal with.

After all, Long Fei was the City Lord of Blizzard City.

Long Fei knew that his warning to Gu Lan had worked, so he looked at Shen Yanxiao with sincerity.

“Brother Shen, why dont you reconsider”

Shen Yanxiao looked at Long Fei, and her little mind had an idea.

When Long Xueyao asked her to stay in Blizzard City, it was not beneficial in her attempt to steal the blueprints.

However, Long Fei had directly asked her to stay in the City Lords Mansion.

If the blueprint for the Thunder Artillery was in Blizzard City, then it must have been in the City Lords Mansion.

It was impossible for Shen Yanxiao not to be tempted.

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