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Chapter 914: The Sixth Layer of the Seal (1)

The mist condensed behind the translucent screen.

Shen Yanxiao leaned on the edge of the bathtub and looked at the familiar figure.

“Xiu.” Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes and looked at a certain great master who was only separated from her by a screen.

“Huh” Xiu faintly responded.

From the figure reflected on the screen, he was currently standing with his back facing the screen.

“Why did you come out” Shen Yanxiaos two bare feet were flapping vigorously in the water.

The face-changing mask on her face had been thrown aside.

The white mist steamed her little face until it was bright red with pink hues.

Xiu did not immediately answer Shen Yanxiaos question.

He was silent for a moment before saying, “You have improved very quickly these days.”

“Really” Shen Yanxiao, who rarely heard Xius praise, finally became spirited.

“Well, with your current speed, after the next layer of the seal is unlocked, you should be able to break into the Second Stage Profession.” Xius voice was still cold and cheerless, but in Shen Yanxiaos ear, it was particularly pleasant.

Reaching the Second Stage Profession meant that he would train her army for her!

Although she still didnt know Xius identity, in whatever Xiu wanted to do he never failed.

Since he dared to promise her, he must have full confidence in his ability to do so.

No one knew how brutal the army trained by such a super master would be!

Shen Yanxiao had already made plans in her mind.

It was a bit of a pity to provide ordinary human beings to Xiu to train.

After all, with Xius strength, who knew how terrifying the content of his training would be After all, the human body was still fragile.

Perhaps after he trained them, more than half of them would end up either dead or injured.

This was a bit tragic.

But demons were different.

Demons naturally had a stronger physique than humans.

Furthermore, she had more and more demons under her command.

Letting Xiu train the demons seemed like the most appropriate thing to do!

Shen Yanxiaos mind was full of calculations, and her face could not help but reveal a smile.

“How long until I can unlock the next layer of the seal” She was already eager to see how strong the army personally trained by Xiu was.

“If you want, you can do it now.” Xiu said.

“Now” Shen Yanxiao was stunned for a moment.

They had only left Sun Never Sets for less than a month, but she could already unlock the sixth layer of the seal

“Before, it was due to the lack of dark elements and some problems with your cultivation that it took quite a while to unlock each seal.

Since you have entered the Forsaken Land, you would often rest from your cultivation, so I was not in a hurry to help you unlock the seal.

Now that your cultivation has caught up with the speed of unlocking a seal, it doesnt matter anymore.” Xiu said indifferently.

He did not notice that his words made Shen Yanxiao nearly vomit blood.

It seemed that the seal on her body could have been undone a long time ago.

However, this great master despised her for being lazy while cultivating, and thus he delayed the speed at which her seal could be undone!

Shen Yanxiao deeply understood what it meant to bring disaster upon oneself.

Sun Never Sets was thriving, but she did not know how many times she had been despised by Great Master Xiu.

“Uh, lets forget about it now.

After all, Im still in Blizzard City.

Im afraid that if I unlock the seal now, I will fall into a deep sleep.

How about we start at night” Although Shen Yanxiao had some concerns, she still could not bear the giddyness in her heart.

Second Stage Profession!

This was a realm that many people would never hope to achieve!

If she could improve her strength to the level of a Second-Class Expert during her stay in Blizzard City, then her plan to steal the Thunder Artillery might go even more smoothly.

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