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Chapter 938: Return to Sun Never Sets (4)

When the Blizzard Mercenary Group arrived at the city gates, everyone was shocked!

With the tall pitch-black city walls, they could almost feel an invisible pressure enveloping their hearts as they stood beneath the grand walls.

After being so used to the white walls of their city, now looking at the darkness before them, the members of the Blizzard Mercenary Group could not help but swallow their saliva.

Was this the rumored city that only took half a year to build


This was just too much!

Just by standing outside the city, they could tell that the city was more than twice the size of their city.

Moreover, from the city walls to the city gates, every inch of the city was exquisitely built.

None could find any fault with it.

The perfect state of Sun Never Sets shocked everyone who came here to the core.

Who would have expected that such a near-perfect city only took half a year to complete

How long did it take Blizzard City to be built How long did it take Fantasy Devil City to be built How long did it take Twilight City to be built

Which of the three cities did not take more than five years

However, it only took them one-tenth of the time to build a city that was much larger than theirs!

This was tantamount to giving the other three city lords a tight slap.

“These walls are made of obsidian” Wu Run gulped.

He subconsciously walked to the giant wall and touched the cold surface.

“This is… too extravagant.” He knew very well how precious obsidian was.

Back then, they had plundered a lot of obsidian from the eastern region, but no one had ever dared to be so extravagant as to use it to build their walls!

“The structure of the city walls are firm and sturdy.

It seems like Shen Yanxiao has put in some thought into this.

Our Blizzard City has really fallen behind.” Long Fei looked at Sun Never Sets in front of him.

Even though he felt disappointed, he was not jealous at all.

He was a magnanimous person.

He was only envious that Shen Yanxiao could build such a city in such a short time.

“Its just some black walls, whats there to gawk at” Gu Feng got down from the carriage with a gloomy expression.

He had wanted to get close to Long Xueyao, but he had been arranged to stay in a different carriage for the whole journey.

Other than when they were eating or resting, he could not see Long Xueyao at all.

What made him even more depressed was that Shen Jue that country bumpkin was riding in the same carriage as Long Xueyao!

Wu Run shot a glance at Gu Feng.

He did not like this arrogant second-generation young master.

Gu Lan had some skills, but this Gu Feng was a complete idiot!

If not for Gu Lan being his father, who would want to talk to him

No one paid any attention to Gu Feng.

Although he did not mind the silence too much, he was still unwilling to be ignored.

Looking for something to say, he cast his gaze at the city gates.

When he saw that there were only four soldiers guarding the gates, he could not help but laugh.

“No matter how spectacular the city walls are, isnt this just pitiful Its such a huge city, but Im afraid only these few guards are guarding the city gates.

I think Sun Never Sets is just an empty shell compared to our Blizzard City.”

“Sun Never Sets has just been completed, so its normal that the personnels are not in place yet.” Long Fei did not think much of it.

The guards of ordinary cities could not be compared to Blizzard City.

The God Wind Alliance had an innate advantage in this aspect, that was indisputable.

Long Fei would never do something so shameless like comparing their strength to the weaknesses of others.

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