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Chapter 940: Return to Sun Never Sets (6)

Shen Yanxiao walked at the tail-end of the group.

She was happy to see Sun Never Sets being so lively.

When she had left, the merchants of Sun Never Sets had not arrived yet.

Everything in front of her had been built up the month she had left.

Her people must have exerted quite a lot of effort.

Additionally, Yin Jiuchen was doing a good job of welcoming Long Fei and the others in her stead.

No one would have expected that the girl was a timid slave girl a few months ago.

Shen Yanxiao was delighted with the development of Sun Never Sets as she continued observing the changes.

It had only been a month and it had progressed to this stage.

It was better than she had expected.

However, there was another thing she was curious about: whether those people from the God Realm had left or not.

A large part of the reason why she could not wait to slip away was because of those people from the God Realm.

She felt that the appearance of that sage imposter was strange, but she did not want to get involved with the God Realm.

Therefore, she obediently listened to Xiu and left.

While they were walking, Long Fei, who was walking at the front, suddenly stopped.

Puzzled, Shen Yanxiao looked to the front and saw that Long Fei had stopped in front of the gates of the Demons Guild.

The Demons Guild was the Mercenary Guild substitute Shen Yanxiao had provided to the demons in the city.

Previously, she did not allow advanced-ranked demons to walk around in the city due to the arrival of the people from the God Realm.

But now, it seemed like there were many advanced-ranked demons in uniform that were flowing in and out of the Demons Guild.

Had the people from the God Realm left

“Demons Guild Thats a novel name.” Long Xueyao was never really interested in the conventional girly stuff, she was instead much more interested in anything related to mercenaries.

The moment she saw the plaque that said “Demons Guild”, her interest piqued.

Long Fei narrowed his eyes and remained silent.

“Its just a small mercenary group.

Its far inferior to the mercenary groups of our God Wind Alliance.” Gu Feng did not want to admit that everything in Sun Never Sets was better than Blizzard City.

In particular, when he saw the grand buildings in the city, he was greatly impacted.

But now that he saw this shack of a Mercenary Guild in Sun Never Sets, he finally regained some confidence.

In the aspect of mercenaries, the God Wind Alliance had no rival.

Gu Fengs voice was not soft and coupled with his unconcealed sarcasm, it immediately attracted the attention of several mercenaries who just came out from the Demons Guild.

One of the mercenaries immediately frowned when he heard Gu Fengs words.

Shen Yanxiao recognized him at a glance as she stood behind him.

That mercenary was none other than Tian Qiu, one of the top five advanced-ranked demons in Sun Never Sets.

Tian Qiu looked at the arrogant Gu Feng with a displeased expression and coldly snorted.

“Where did this blind guy come from Do you not bring out your brain and eyes when you go for a walk”

So poisonous!

Shen Yanxiao silently gave Tian Qiu a thumbs up!

When had Gu Feng ever suffered such humiliation The opponent was merely an ordinary mercenary while he was the young head of one of the five great mercenary groups in the Brilliance Continent, the Iron Blood Mercenary Group.

He immediately exploded.

“Who do you think you are How dare you speak to me like that A mere mercenary like you Why dont you think about your own status first Do you think youre so great for staying in such a small mercenary group Really, nowadays people really think that some random trash on the sidewalk can become a mercenary.

Seems like this Sun Never Sets only amount to this much.”

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