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Chapter 941: Return to Sun Never Sets (7)

When Gu Feng said that, even the members of the Blizzard Mercenary Group frowned.

At the end of the day, they were still in Sun Never Sets—it was not a place where they as outsiders could babble on without prohibition.

It was embarrassing that he was so rude.

Long Xueyao and Wu Run, the people who were coming here to request for Shen Yanxiaos aid, had dark expressions when they saw Gu Fengs flippant attitude.

This idiot just had to offend people the moment he arrived.

Did he know that they were here to ask Shen Yanxiao for help To ridicule the mercenaries of the city the moment they entered, wasnt he just looking for trouble

Gu Feng was too proud of himself to notice that he was being internally berated by those around him.

Tian Qiu sneered and looked at the arrogant Gu Feng with killing intent in his eyes.

An idiot who was merely qualified to be his dessert actually dared to point at his nose and curse at him If it were in the past, he would have long devoured this reckless human.

“Only amount to this much, huh” Tian Qiu raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Feng threateningly.

A moment later, his hands disappeared from everyones view.

The next second, Gu Feng felt a sharp pain on his face and before he could react, he was sent flying.

“Idiot.” Tian Qiu did not even look at the flying Gu Feng.

Content, he clapped his hands and turned to leave.

The Blizzard Mercenary Group was struck dumb.

They had been mercenaries for many years, and they were well aware that some people would occasionally insult them.

However, the temper of the mercenaries in Sun Never Sets was really… irritable.

He had sent him flying without any hesitation!

Wu Run was also stunned for a moment before he suddenly hastily ordered one of his subordinates to help Gu Feng up.

A glowing red handprint was imprinted on Gu Fengs fair face; blood was flowing out from his mouth and nose.

One could only imagine how ruthless Tian Qius slap was.

“He… he actually dared to hit me!” Gu Feng covered his face.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that there would be another mercenary who would be daring enough to attack him in the Brilliance Continent.

“Dont go! Stop right there if you have the guts!” Gu Feng pushed away the men supporting him and chased after Tian Qiu.

Seeing that Gu Feng was about to cause trouble again, Long Fei frowned and said to Wu Run, “Hurry and get someone to stop that kid.

That mercenary is not someone he can afford to provoke.”

Wu Run immediately rushed to stop Gu Feng.

“Uncle Long, that bastard dared to hit me.

Who does he think he is! I will make my father flatten this dingy guild with just a few words.” Even though Gu Feng was stopped by Wu Run, he was still furious.

Long Fei did not respond to his hooting and merely asked someone to check his injuries.

Long Xueyao was lost in thought.

Truthfully, she did not care if Gu Feng was dead or alive.

She was rather more curious about why her father said that the mercenary was not someone Gu Feng could afford to provoke.

“Father, is there anything special about that mercenary”

Long Fei glanced at Long Xueyao and with a lowered voice, he said.

“Did you see how he slapped Gu Feng”

Long Xueyao thought about it.

She did not even see Tian Qiu attacking.

All she saw was Gu Feng getting sent flying.

“This daughter of yours is incomeptent.

I cant tell how he was slapped.”

Long Fei smiled and shook his head.

“Its not that youre incompetent.

I believe no one else here actually did see how he slapped him.”

“What!” Long Xueyao was surprised.

It was normal for an Intermediate-level Professional like her not to notice it, but Wu Run was an Advanced-level Professional.

If her father said that not even Wu Run could see it, wouldnt that mean…

“His strength is at least at the initial stages of a Second-Class Expert.”

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