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Chapter 955: Army Training (5)

The demons did not notice that Shen Yanxiao had tricked them into thinking that they were worthless.

They had been recruited by Shen Yanxiao to lessen the obstacles in regards to the construction of Sun Never Sets, and because of that the entire eastern region of the Forsaken Land had also stabilized.

However, since Shen Yanxiao did not mention it, they did not realize it.

Right now, all they could think of was why they were so useless.

Even weak humans were contributing so much to Sun Never Sets, but advanced-ranked demons like them were just waiting around doing nothing.

This had greatly hurt the demons self-esteem.

When Shen Yanxiao saw that she had dealt enough blows to their self-esteem, she gently comforted them.

“Truthfully, I think that all of you are very strong.

It would be a waste to have you do those meager tasks.

I rather like the sound of being the strongest army in the Forsaken Land.”

Shen Yanxiao gave them a tight slap.

First, she said that the demons were useless.

Now, she was praising them for their potential.

Soon, the demons who were resistant to the idea of forming an army were moved.

“Lord, why dont we give it a try” The demons were confused and they rightly fell into Shen Yanxiaos trap.

Freud, the only one who was still rational, had already shed tears for Shen Yanxiaos shamelessness and for the demons innocence.

Despicable, too despicable!

Was it alright to fool innocent demons like so

Unfortunately, Freud did not dare to voice his anger, as he had completely surrendered to Shen Yanxiaos tyrannical might.

“Sure.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and looked at the demons.

“Then who is this great god that the Lord intends for him to teach us” The demons were confused.

They were already familiar with the members of Sun Never Sets.

Other than Shen Yanxiao, they did not think anyone could suppress them.

For example, even though Du Lang was experienced and smart, he could not suppress these advanced-ranked demons with his aura.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and suddenly raised her hand.

Promptly, a faint black mist overflowed from her chest.

The demons widened their eyes as they looked at the scene before them in shock.

They watched as the black mist gradually condensed, and before long a slender figure appeared before their eyes.

They had just barely glimpsed at the figure, but the four hundred plus advanced-ranked demons suddenly felt a powerful pressure that they had never experienced before suddenly enveloping them in an instant.

Almost immediately, beads of sweat started to drip down from their foreheads and their breaths became extremely heavy.

Every demons gaze was locked on that peerlessly handsome figure.

What shocked them was not his peerless appearance, but the powerful aura he radiated.

Xiu condensed his body, and his slender figure floated in the air.

His golden eyes carried a dreadful chill as he swept across the group of advanced-ranked demons before him.

With just a glance, every advanced-ranked demon felt an invisible fear.

A few weaker advanced-ranked demons almost had the urge to kneel when they saw Xiu.

“Demons.” Xius thin lips parted.

His cold golden eyes carried a trace of chilliness.

Immediately as he spoke, the demons in the hall immediately felt a huge pressure crashing down on them.

More than four hundred advanced-ranked demons knelt on the ground at the same time!

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