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Chapter 957: Army Training (7)

Although they knew they were demons, they still felt immensely jealous when groups of young, pretty maidens were chasing after demons with tears in tow and throwing handkerchiefs at them, while they, as normal humans, were left alone.

Their self-esteem as men had suffered an unprecedented blow on that day!

The men of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group were crying, and so were the demons in the underground city.

Although the advanced-ranked demons were the ones going for training, low and intermediate-ranked demons were also suffering by their side at a fixed time every day.

The pressure radiating from the training ground was simply torture to them.

Think about it.

How could low and intermediate-ranked demons handle the pressure when advanced-ranked demons couldnt even save themselves

They wanted to die!

The leaders had all ran off, and they were still tortured by the unknown god.

This was such a painful matter for the heart.

As Xiu would appear every day, Shen Yanxiao had to work harder in her training.

Moreover, she would help Xiu absorb dark elements with the black crystal when she had nothing better to do.

With regards to Shen Yanxiao frequently entering and leaving the underground city, the five beasts could not help but…

“Say, Xiaoxiao, arent you either locked up in your room to train or going to the underground city these past few days What exactly are you doing” Tang Nazhi had been holding in his curiosity for several days before he finally dragged his friends to find Shen Yanxiao.

He was honestly curious as to what this little girl was doing behind their backs.

Shen Yanxiao had just finished her training and came out to hunt for food when she saw the five beasts appearing in front of her in unison.

She pursed her lips and looked at the five beasts.

“Do you want to know”

The five of them nodded in tacit understanding.

“Just wait.

You will know soon.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.


This little girl did not intend to tell them anything!

The five beasts were depressed.

At that very moment, a figure quietly appeared outside the mansion.

Shen Jiawei looked at the tightly shut gates of the mansion with hesitation.

After pacing back and forth for a long time, he finally knocked on the door.

When Shen Jiawei entered the mansion, the five beasts were still staring at Shen Yanxiao.

When they saw Shen Jiawei, a trace of doubt surfaced in their eyes.

Why was this kid here

Ever since Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi entered Sun Never Sets, they had been well-behaved.

Shen Yanxiaos previous arrangement was right.

When Shen Feng saw the two children, the joy on his face could not be concealed.

No matter how evil their father was, they were still Shen Fengs grandson and granddaughter.

Shen Feng was very grateful that Shen Yanxiao had allowed them to stay.

Shen Jiayi rarely appeared in public, and she had not moved into Shen Fengs residence.

Instead, she stayed in the yard that Shen Yanxiao had first arranged for them.

Other than going out to eat, she basically would not leave her room.

She would lock herself in the house, not leaving any time to interact with outsiders.

Even Shen Jiawei could not speak to her.

As for Shen Jiawei, he had truly come to his senses.

During this period of time, he had been very well-behaved.

Every day, he would pay his respects to Shen Feng and chat with him.

For the rest of the day, he would help out in various parts of the city.

He would never ask for more nor did he ever demand anything.

It was as if he was atoning for his previous sin.

He was really trying his best to reduce the burden on Shen Yanxiao.

Not long ago, he had even thought of joining the city guards to oversee the city gates.

The five beasts saw the change in Shen Jiawei, so they were not as prejudiced against him as before.

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