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Chapter 963: Dangerous Situation (2)

Who knew if they had more test subjects with the characteristics of six major races or five major races

Those test subjects might not be as terrifying as Lan Fengli, but… someone who had integrated the power of four races would probably exceed the strength of a mythical beast.

They were an absolutely terrifying existence.

Shen Yanxiao did not have full confidence, so she did not dare to confront such an organization head-on yet.

Moreover, she had already formed a grudge with the Broken Star Palace.

She had always felt that the Broken Star Palace had a certain connection with those people.

Otherwise, Shen Duan would not have transferred Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, who were supposed to be sent to the Broken Star Palace, to those people.

Once those people discovered Lan Fengli, she would have to face a large group of test subjects and countless Second-Class Experts from the Broken Star Palace.

She would definitely die without a burial ground!

“I hope Xiu can train Freud and the rest faster.” Shen Yanxiao scratched her head in frustration.

The forces in her hands seemed powerful at first glance, but they were so weak compared to the real colossus.

Broken Star Palace, Warlocks, God Realm…

These three forces that stood at the absolute peak of the Brilliance Continent were not people she could contend against.

The only thing she rejoiced about was that her relationship with God Realm was not bad.

However, if God Realm were to discover that she was on good terms with demons, they would probably raise the banner with the thought of eliminating her!



Shen Yanxiao felt that her current situation was simply terrible.

She might very possibly be besieged by three of the most powerful forces in the Brilliance Continent in a matter of minutes, and with her current strength at hand, she probably could not even deal with one of them.


She needed more strength!

Shen Yanxiao suddenly stood up.

She did not have the time to continue being vexed.

She had to resolve everything on hand as soon as possible.

“Vermilion Bird, bring Xiao Feng here.” Shen Yanxiao gave Vermilion Bird an order through their spiritual link.

Not long after, Vermilion Bird brought Lan Fengli to Shen Yanxiao.

“Sister” There was a trace of shyness on Lan Fenglis face.

As he looked at Shen Yanxiao who he had not been close to for many days, there was excitement and yearning in his eyes.

“Xiao Feng, come here.” Shen Yanxiao waved at Lan Fengli.

Lan Fengli obediently walked over.

A trace of gentleness surfaced in her eyes as she looked at the innocent Lan Fengli.

“Xiao Feng, I need you to help me with something.”

“Sister, tell me.

I will do it,” Lan Fengli said with determination.

Shen Yanxiao said, “I want you to go to Shen Jiayis residence and help me keep an eye on her.

If she interacts with anyone that is not from Sun Never Sets, bring them to me immediately.” She had asked Lan Fengli to take action because she could not determine the strength of the person Shen Jiayi was with.

Lan Fengli was stronger than her, and he was also stronger than many experts.

Therefore, it would be best if she were to ask him to take action.

“Sure!” Lan Fengli nodded without hesitation.

He was happy that he could help Shen Yanxiao.

No matter what Shen Yanxiao wanted him to do, he would do it.

“Be good.” Shen Yanxiao rubbed Lan Fenglis head and looked at Vermilion Bird.

“Go and get Nangong Mengmeng.”

First was the Warlocks, then the God Realm.

She would eliminate the former and rope in the latter.

Since the God Realm intended for Nangong Mengmeng to acknowledge her as her teacher, why would she not agree

Nangong Mengmengs status in the God Realm was definitely not low.

She was a good candidate to rope in the God Realm!

In the face of a difficult situation, Shen Yanxiao had already started to plant her chess piece to consolidate her forces.

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