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Chapter 971: I Will Protect You for a Day (1)

After dealing with the hidden dangers, Shen Yanxiao handed the matter of Shen Jiayis corpse to Shen Jiawei to deal with.

There was another matter that she found strange.

Back then, she met that young man at the Scar of Oblivion.

However, he really intended to purchase Yin Jiuchen.

However, Su He and Yin Jiuchen seemed to be afraid of him and were unwilling to follow him no matter what.

They even had to risk getting beaten to death to escape.

Su He and Yin Jiuchen were slaves so it was normal for them to be sold to any master.

However, they could not feign their fear of the young man.

Furthermore, they did not know her identity at that time but they were willing to follow her.

The only explanation was that they must know something and were unwilling to follow that man.

Could it be…

Su He and Yin Jiuchen knew about the Warlocks

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

Yin Jiuchen and Su He had been working hard ever since they came to Sun Never Sets.

She did not want to blindly suspect them.

However, the matter was of great importance and so, she still asked Vermilion Bird to call for them.

“City Lord!” The moment Yin Jiuchen saw Shen Yanxiao, she immediately revealed a brilliant smile.

Shen Yanxiao did not like to have her follow her around all day long, so she could only follow Su Hes side and take care of Shen Yanxiaos daily necessities from time to time.

“City Lord,” Su He said politely.

Yin Jiuchen had become more and more delicate and charming.

The fear on her smiling face was gone.

Su He had also become more handsome.

Both of them had undergone tremendous changes in Sun Never Sets.

“Sit,” Shen Yanxiao said.

Yin Jiuchen and Su He sat down.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the two people who had changed a lot and slowly said, “I called you here today because I have something to ask you.”

“City Lord, please speak.” Su He immediately said.

“Su He, why did you escape from the slave owners at the Scar of Oblivion Do you know the person who wanted to buy Jiuer” Shen Yanxiao did not beat around the bush and directly asked the crucial question.

However, Shen Yanxiaos question caused Su He and Yin Jiuchens faces to turn deathly pale in an instant.

“City Lord… why are you asking this” Su He seemed calm, but there was a look of panic in his eyes.

“I met that man today, so I wanted to ask you.” Shen Yanxiao tried to avoid the main point.

“What!” Su He stood up from his chair in shock and the panic on his face could no longer be concealed.

Shen Yanxiao noticed Su Hes abnormality, but she did not say anything.

Su Hes expression was ugly and Yin Jiuchens complexion was as white as a corpse.

“City Lord!” Su He suddenly knelt down before Shen Yanxiao.

“Theres something we havent told the City Lord.

We didnt mean to hide it.

Its just that Jiuer and I wish to live an ordinary life.

Please forgive us.

The reason for that mans appearance in Sun Never Sets is probably related to Jiuer.

Even though I know this is not a good idea, I would still like to implore the City Lord to save Jiuer and not let her fall into their hands again.” Su He heavily kowtowed.

His tone was unprecedentedly solemn.

“Brother Su…” Yin Jiuchens eyes were brimming with tears as she bit her lips, not knowing what to do.

Shen Yanxiao sighed and helped Su He up.

“Even if you want to apologize, you have to tell me what is going on.

Since I am the one who brought you back to Sun Never Sets, you are my people.

I will make the decision for you.”

Su He looked at Shen Yanxiao excitedly.

“City Lord, to be honest, that man is not a good person.

He… he is a member of a mysterious organization.”

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