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Chapter 984: Twilight City (2)

“The first City Lord of Twilight City is called Duan Wuya.

He is not from the Seventh Kingdom.

He seems to be an orphan who was adopted by the Elders Council.

As for which country he belongs to, no one knows.

However, ten years ago, not long after Twilight City was established, Duan Wuya passed away.

The person in charge of the Twilight City now is Duan Wuyas son, Duan Hen.

He seems to be fifteen this year, but he is very talented.

Last year, when he was fourteen, he broke through to become an Advanced-level Professional, and the magical beast he possessed was also the mythical-level Redflame Beast.

When Geng Di fought against Duan Hen, he was defeated in less than five rounds.” Nangong Mengmeng dutifully shared all the gossip she knew with Shen Yanxiao.

“Redflame Beast” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

She had never heard of such a mythical beast.

The Seventh Kingdom was formed by seven small countries, so they only had seven mythical beasts.

Every single mythical beast belonged to the seven elders of the Elders Council.

She honestly did not know that there was an eighth mythical beast in the Seventh Kingdom.

“The Redflame Beast is a fire-elemental magical beast, and it is rumored to be very powerful.

I heard that the Redflame Beast is surrounded by scarlet flames with surging fire poison.

Its appearance is also extremely savage.” Nangong Mengmeng blinked and subconsciously looked at Vermilion Bird seated on one side.

Vermilion Bird was also a fire-elemental magical beast and was extremely skilled in controlling fire.

It was unknown who was stronger and who was weaker.

Vermilion Bird frowned.

“Vermilion Bird, you know of it” Shen Yanxiao asked when she saw the unusual expression on his face.

Vermilion Bird snorted.

“Its a vicious beast that loves to cause trouble.

I didnt expect it to sign a contract with a human.”

“Vicious beast” Shen Yanxiao was puzzled.

Vermilion Bird pursed his lips and said, “All mythical beasts have their corresponding classification.

For example, me, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Phoenix and Baize are all spirit beasts while the Redflame Beast is a vicious beast.”

Nangong Mengmeng immediately said, “I know that.

Spirit beasts have gentle temperament and are very friendly to humans.

But vicious beasts hate humans.

Even though they are not as savage as the Devil race, they are still considered trouble in the Brilliance Continent.

It is rare for them to sign a contract with humans.

When I found out about it, I was also surprised.

To humans, vicious beasts were like Taotie.”


Shen Yanxiao looked at him.

She had heard of his name in her previous life.

It was said that he was a glutton with no restraint.

“Vermilion Bird, if you were to fight the Redflame Beast, do you have a chance of winning” Shen Yanxiao asked.

From the looks of it, only Duan Hen could contend against her.

Even though she could suppress him in terms of strength, the most important thing was the confrontation between the two mythical beasts.

Vermilion Bird was silent for a moment before a trace of uncertainty surfaced on his face.

“If I were at my peak, I would not be afraid of it, but…” Vermilion Bird looked down at his young body and traces of sadness flashed past his eyes.

Shen Yanxiao sensed Vermilion Birds mental fluctuation.

When Vermilion Bird first met the Azure Dragon and the others, they had mentioned that Vermilion Bird was injured.

Because of the injury, only Vermilion Bird had the appearance of a youngling among the five mythical beasts.

Shen Yanxiao had always been puzzled by this.

What kind of injury did Vermilion Bird receive to cause him to become like this Vermilion Bird had been recuperating for hundreds of years, so why hadnt he recovered yet

“Vermilion Bird, did you really fight against Taotie back then” Nangong Mengmeng seemed to know something as she looked at Vermilion Bird with curiosity.

Vermilion Birds expression instantly darkened.

Nangong Mengmeng knew that she had misspoken, so she immediately covered her mouth and looked at the Vermilion Bird apologetically.

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