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Chapter 988: Twilight City (6)

The state of the accommodation had risen from hell to heaven.

Not only did they live well, but they also ate well.

While they were feasting and drinking, they did not forget how much money they had spent on Shen Yanxiao.

All of them secretly made up their minds that they would give it their all in this competition and win no matter what.

Otherwise, they would be letting down the City Lords generosity.

Oh, this White Jade Hoof Flower is so delicious…

The news that the people of Sun Never Sets were purchasing luxury goods in Twilight City had spread like wildfire.

Many merchants who sold their products to Sun Never Sets had also done a great job of promoting their products.

They would say that the people of Sun Never Sets were liberal with money.

When they entered a shop to choose something, they would look at the best.

If they were not good, they would not even glance at them.

Sun Never Sets was the last city to be built.

Twilight City was far away from Sun Never Sets so many people did not know much about it.

Based on their point of view, how promising could a newly built city be They were probably here to join in the fun.

Unexpectedly, in an afternoon, the actions of Sun Never Sets had shocked those people who made up nonsense.

Many people started to wonder how rich Sun Never Sets was.

One hundred plus people had spent no less than millions of gold coins in one afternoon.

Were gold coins in Sun Never Sets not considered money Even if they were rich, they should not spend it like that!

In merely an afternoon, Sun Never Sets had left behind a glorious image of a really wealthy city.

There were even many merchants who heard the gossip from their peers and eagerly ran to the building Shen Yanxiao lived in to sell their products.

Those who were still having their dinner were shocked by those merchants who were blocking the entrance with their luxury items on their shoulders.

Shen Yanxiao looked up and scanned the people in the dining room.

Everyone tacitly lowered their heads and ate their food.

No one dared to raise their heads.

“Vermilion Bird,” Shen Yanxiao said.

“Hmm” Vermilion Bird ,who had a piece of pork belly in his mouth, raised his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao in confusion.

“Chase them away,” Shen Yanxiao said calmly.

“Understood!” Vermilion Bird hastily swallowed the pork belly, picked up Little Phoenix that was pecking rice, and threw it on top of his head before dashing towards the group of merchants at the entrance.

Everyone in the dining room only heard the sounds of ghosts wailing and wolves howling outside the door.

In less than five minutes, Vermilion Bird clapped his hands, walked back to the dining table, and continued to chow down.

Everyone looked at Vermilion Birdsimposing back and secretly swallowed their saliva.


Even though they did not personally witness Vermilion Bird attacking, just those miserable screams were enough to let them imagine how miserable those merchants were.

“You can stroll around Twilight City for the next few days, but dont cause any trouble.” Shen Yanxiao wiped her mouth after she had her fill and instructed everyone.

She did not intend to lock them up in this small building.

Since she rarely came to Twilight City, she naturally had to tour around.

Even though Twilight City was small, it had its merits.

“Yes!” Everyone nodded.

After the meal, Shen Yanxiao allowed everyone to move around freely, but she returned to her room.

She decisively changed out of her regular clothes and wore a black night suit.

Needless to say, the city lord who had spent millions of gold coins in the day was about to start her side business in Twilight City again.

She would get back all the money she had spent this afternoon tonight!

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