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Shen Yanxiao finally understood.

Tang Nazhi regarded her as a prodigy that could instruct him in herbalism but in fact…

Her knowledge of herbalism lacked even more than him!

Shen Yanxiao decided to burn the midnight oil along with Tang Nazhi.

She did not want to get embarrassed in case she was exposed, and she drooled over the benefits of herbalism.

After only two days of extreme hard work, she finally had some understanding of herbalism.

That was all made possible by her photographic memory and Tang Nazhis abundance of book reserves.

As for Shen Yanxiaosdiligence, Tang Nazhi had believed that it was her usual behavior.

He thought that it was great that someone like Shen Jue who had already excelled in herbalism would put so much effort in his studies.

It had greatly stimulated his mood to study herbalism.

That was why the room 305 in the first-year student dormitory building was always brightly lit, even in the dead of night.

A revolutionary friendship had mysteriously arisen between both of the young lads, who each had many thoughts on their mind.

Lin Xuan, who was also in the same room, apparently became invisible.

The young master Tang decided to neglect his existence as he pestered Shen Yanxiao all day long, and that made her unable to escape from him.

Lin Xuan was unable to sleep and could only silently hold onto his book as he squatted at his table because the room was lit all night long

In merely two days, a rumor had spread throughout the first-year student dormitory.

There were three crazy and ridiculous super scholars who resided in room 305!

Herbalism was a highly competitive profession.

There were huge disparities between the herbalists at different levels, especially in their future businesses.

When they discovered that there were three super hard working scholars in their building, their hair stood in anger and the youths who were initially happy with passing their tests became hot-blooded with the news.

The group of young and vigorous youths immediately devoted more time to their studies and buried themselves in herbalism books, as they wanted to strive toward the goal of earning enough money to marry a wife in the future.

It was a strange scene at the first-year students building because there was not a single first-year student in the corridors during the daytime.

If one were to enter a random room, they would be able to see two or three first-year students with their noses buried in their books.

That situation did not only pleased the teachers at the Herbalist Division, but it had also caused immense pressure to the senior students too!

Why did the first-year students study so desperately If that continued, how are their seniors supposed to face them in the future

Just like that, an invisible fog had silently enveloped all the students in the Herbalist Division, seniors and first-years alike.

Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi seemed to be oblivious to the situation, even though they were the main culprits that started the whole thing.

It was not until the first day of class that they finally noticed that something was wrong during the class allocation test.

Both of them had passed by the canteen in search of food when they sensed a murderous stare as they walked past a particular senior.

“Is this the Herbalist Divisions tradition” Tang Nazhi held onto a lunchbox on the one hand and an herbalism encyclopedia on the other as he walked past a fiendish-looking senior who mysteriously shot him a glance when he brushed past him.

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders and moved her sore body.

During those two days, she had practically spent all her time seated at her desk to study intensively.

The results were pretty good too.

However, all the first-year students would be filtered that day as they were about to participate in the Herbalist Divisions first-year student class allocation test.

All the students from the Herbalist Division would be separated into seven classes – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

The red-class was for the bottom-ranked students while the violet class was for those super scholars!

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