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Chapter 991: Twilight City (9)

After the people of Sun Never Sets stayed in Twilight City for a few days, the representatives from Fantasy Devil City and Blizzard City finally arrived.

Nangong Mengmeng was someone who could not stay idle.

As soon as the teams from the two cities entered the city, she eagerly went to inquire about them.

However, when she returned at night, Nangong Mengmengs expression was very ugly.

“Whats wrong” It was rare for Nangong Mengmeng to be so gloomy.

Nangong Mengmeng said, “I thought that Twilight City had no choice but to arrange for us to stay here, so I expected to see their accommodation to be in the same dilapidated state.

But both accommodations are close to the center of the city and their rooms are very luxurious.” Nangong Mengmeng was furious that her Teacher, who was such a powerful person, was slighted by Twilight City.

At first, she thought that Twilight City had its difficulties.

But when the other two city lords arrived, she finally realized how naive she was.

It was not that Twilight City did not have good accommodations, but they were just unwilling to provide them.

Basically everything in the attic was purchased by Shen Yanxiao after she arrived.

Even though it was no longer as shabby, the number of rooms was still fixed.

No matter how soft the quilt was, it could not change the fact that they had to squeeze several people on the same bed.

There were plenty of places to stay in Twilight City, but they were not allowed to stay there.

They were the ones who arrived first, but Fantasy Devil City and Blizzard City had received better treatment.

Even a fool knew that Twilight City did not like them.

“It doesnt matter.

In any case, we wont be staying here for long.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

She had already guessed the sinister plan of Twilight City.

That was why she ordered her subordinates to purchase all the luxurious items.

She could not let her people suffer.

Thus, she was not surprised by Nangong Mengmengs words.

“Teacher, your temper is too good.

Everyone is bullying you, but youre still acting as though nothing has happened.” Nangong Mengmeng felt that Shen Yanxiao didnt deserve such treatment.

Her impression of Geng Di from Fantasy Devil City was that he was a sissy.

Long Fei from Blizzard City was better, but didnt he have to go to Sun Never Sets to ask Shen Yanxiao to lift his curse However, his status here was higher than Shen Yanxiao.

Naturally, Nangong Mengmeng could not tolerate it.

“Pfft.” Tang Nazhi who was drinking tea spat out a mouthful of water when he heard what Nangong Mengmeng said.

Shen Yanxiao had a good temper

Haha… that was the best joke he had ever heard!

This little girl was protective of her people and narrow-minded.

She was black-bellied, shameless, and evil.

How was she good-tempered

“How old are you Dont you know how to drink water” Qi Xia sat by Tang Nazhis side and was affected by his saliva as he shot a disdainful glance at him.

Tang Nazhi silently wiped his mouth.

“We are only here for the tournament so theres no need to care about this.

Didnt that person say that after Geng Di and Long Fei arrives, the City Lord of Twilight City would hold a banquet and invite the three city lords to attend” Yan Yu had a milder personality.

He also understood that Twilight Citys actions could not hurt them in the slightest.

Shen Yanxiao had gone to the city two days ago to make a sum of money.

All that money was spent on their daily expenses.

If they did not give them the money, wouldnt they take it themselves

“I havent seen anyone coming to announce a banquet.” Li Xiaowei frowned.

By right, since Geng Di and Long Fei had arrived, Twilight City should be preparing for the banquet.

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