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Chapter 994: Twilight City (12)

Long Xueyao attended the banquet with Long Fei.

Sitting by his side, she would look outside the door from time to time.

“Father, City Lord Shen is not here yet,” Long Xueyao lowered her voice and whispered into Long Feis ear.

Shen Yanxiaos absence also caused Long Fei to frown.

It had been quite some time since they arrived at the banquet, but he had yet to see Shen Yanxiao.

But, when they had just arrived at Twilight City, he clearly heard that Shen Yanxiaos entourage had arrived two days in advance so logically speaking, they should be attending this banquet.

Shen Yanxiao was kind to Long Fei, and he was not an ungrateful person.

He looked at Elder Wen who was chatting happily with Geng Di and asked, “Elder Wen, may I know when the City Lord of Sun Never Sets will come”

When Elder Wen heard Long Feis question, he slowly turned to him and asked, “City Master Long, are you referring to that deviant Shen Yanxiao”


Long Fei frowned.

Geng Di chuckled and said, “City Lord Long, you must have heard about City Lord Shen, right The Longxuan Empire has been without achievements in the Forsaken Land for so many years, but they sent a little kid who has yet to reach adulthood to build a city in the Forsaken Land.

Other things aside, that girl is a Warlock.

Moreover, not long ago, I received news from the Longxuan Empire that City Lord Shen had detained Prince Long Yue and State Master Pei Yuan in order to obtain funding from the Longxuan Empire.”

Geng Dis words were extremely provocative, and Elder Wens expression did not look good when he said all those claims.

“Lord Long, you dont have to worry about such a rude and disrespectful kid.

She merely became a City Lord and she dared to detain a prince.

If she were to continue growing in the Forsaken Land, wouldnt she soon disregard all the monarchs in the Brilliance Continent”

Elder Wens tone was not good; it was evident that he held prejudice against Shen Yanxiao.

Warlocks were already unwelcomed in the Brilliance Continent.

And the moment Shen Yanxiao entered the Forsaken Land, she had given Fantasy Devil City a tight slap.

Even though she had intimidated the other three forces, her actions were still rather high-profile.

Furthermore, Geng Di had somehow heard that Shen Yanxiao had detained Long Yue and Pei Yuan in Sun Never Sets, so he told Elder Wen about all this.

As such, Shen Yanxiaos image in Elder Wens heart hit rock bottom.

Elder Wen was a member of the Elders Council in the Seventh Kingdom.

There was a clear distinction between seniors and juniors in the Seventh Kingdom, and they would never allow something unruly kid to disturb that hierarchy.

The Elders Council was the highest ruling party in the Seventh Kingdom, even the actual rulers of the seven countries dared not to resist their decisions.

For someone like Shen Yanxiao who dared to offend the royal power and detained the crown prince of a country, it was a completely disrespectful act in Elder Wens opinion.

She was already a Warlock, which caused him to have an unfavorable impression of her.

Coupled with this incident, Elder Wen had already regarded Shen Yanxiao as someone who caused trouble.

He did not like her words nor her actions.

Geng Di was happy to see that everyone disliked Shen Yanxiao.

He added oil to the fire and said, “This arrogant and ignorant little kid should be taught a lesson.

Elder Wen is indeed wise.

After suffering such a loss, I believe she should have realized that the Sun Never Sets does not have the final say in the Forsaken Land.

No matter what, she does not have any power here.”

“Of course.

That child is ignorant, and needs to be taught a lesson.” Elder Wen nodded.

All the unfair treatment that Sun Never Sets received in the Twilight City was his doing.

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