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Chapter 995: Twilight City (13)

“Elder Wen is right.” Geng Di did not conceal his happiness.

Elder Wens position in the Seventh Kingdom was equivalent to Long Feis position in the God Wind Alliance.

Moreover, the Seventh Kingdom held a higher esteem for the Elders Council while the people of the God Wind Alliance were more liberal.

After all, they were mercenaries.

However, in the Seventh Kingdom, the Elders Council represented everything.

Even if the City Lord of Twilight City had the surname Duan, he could only swallow his anger in front of Elder Wen.

Duan Hen was still young and as such, he did not have the qualifications to speak.

Ever since Elder Wen came to Twilight City, Duan Hen had been quietly sidelined.

He had the titleCity Lord but in reality, he held no power.

Even with regards to the tournament between the four countries, Elder Wen was personally arranging everything, and it was also his intention to antagonize Sun Never Sets.

Of course, Geng Di contributed greatly to Elder Wens loathing of Shen Yanxiao.

His father and Elder Wen were a pretentious bunch.

After he knew that Elder Wen was coming to Twilight City, he specially wrote a letter to express his condolences while not forgetting to smear Shen Yanxiaos reputation.

After he finished writing, he sent a gift over.

Looking at Elder Wens attitude towards Shen Yanxiao, Geng Di knew that he had completed his task perfectly.

While Geng Di and Elder Wen sang the same tune, Long Fei and his daughters expressions were extremely gloomy.

Long Fei had been in contact with Shen Yanxiao, and Shen Yanxiao was the one who removed his curse.

In addition, Shen Yanxiao had previously saved Long Xueyao, so Long Fei had already regarded her as his savior.

When he heard the old and young bastards slandering his benefactor, Long Fei could no longer restrain his anger anymore.

“I have met with City Lord Shen.

Her personality is not what you two have described.

Even though she is young, she knows her limits.

Even though she is a Warlock, she has never committed any atrocities.

Moreover, she was able to complete Sun Never Sets in half a year at such a young age.

Her strength is not something ordinary people can possess.” Long Fei calmed himself down and tried to clear Shen Yanxiaos bad name.

Elder Wen and Geng Di were stunned.

They did not expect Long Fei and Shen Yanxiao to have met before.

Moreover, from Long Feis words, it seemed like he was protecting Shen Yanxiao.

Elder Wens expression immediately turned unsightly.

The Seventh Kingdom and the God Wind Alliances system were somewhat similar, but the overly liberal culture of the God Wind Alliance made Elder Wen look down on them.

Moreover, even though the God Wind Alliance was very powerful right now, there were too many warriors and their talents were too dispersed.

Right now, they relied on a ragtag group of mercenaries to fight.

Compared to the other three countries, their foundation was much shallower.

“City Lord Long is really a kind person, and Shen Yanxiao is rather pleasant looking.

City Lord Long does not know her well so that must be why you feel this way.” Geng Di chuckled.

He could not stand Shen Yanxiao being praised.

Furthermore, he did not wish for Long Fei to stand on Shen Yanxiaos side.

The grudge between Fantasy Devil City and Sun Never Sets was deep—there was no room for reconciliation.

Right now, Geng Di was trying to rope in Twilight City and Blizzard City to hate on Shen Yanxiao.

“City Lord Long said that she knows her limits Thats really not the case.

Ive mentioned it to Elder Wen before.

Im not lying when she said that she detained the crown prince.

How do you think she can reclaim Sun Never Sets at such a young age Its all because she detained the prince and the state teacher, forcing the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire to invest a large amount of manpower and resources into her.

If not for that, what can she do with her strength Dont forget that Sun Never Sets is one of the five main cities in the Forsaken Land!”

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