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Chapter 997: Twilight City (15)

“Who are you” Long Xueyao frowned and asked.

The young man smiled and said, “I am Luo Fan, an exchange student sent by the Blue Moon Dynasty to Saint Laurent Academy in the Longxuan Empire.

I have personally experienced that City Lord Shens sinisterness there.”

Geng Di relaxed and glanced at Luo Fan.

Luo Fan gave him a reassuring smile.

Soon after, Luo Fan said, “I was incompetent—only having some attainments in herbalism.

But, when I entered Saint Laurent Academy, Shen Yanxiao challenged me for no reason.

As a Herbalist, I accepted her challenge with the intention to compare notes.

However, I did not expect her to tamper with the potion during the challenge, turning me from a genius Herbalist into some worthless trash.

I am not afraid of you laughing at me.

Right now, I cannot train in battle aura nor magic.

Even my mental energy has been destroyed.

I can no longer do anything.”

A trace of surprise appeared on Long Xueyaos face.

She looked at Long Fei, and he swept his gaze across Luo Fan.

With his current strength, he could naturally tell that what Luo Fan said was true.

He was indeed a cripple so he nodded at Long Xueyao with slight hesitation.

“How is that possible” Long Xueyao was in disbelief.

Shen Yanxiao did not give her the impression that she was such an arrogant person.

Luo Fan forced a smile and said, “I have no reason to lie to you.

If not for the fact that I had injured her, why would I drag this lowly body to appear in public Back then, I was rather reputable and even attracted attention when I came to Saint Laurent Academy.

I believe it was because I was too ostentatious and did not know to restrain myself that Shen Yanxiao hated me.”

Luo Fan sounded miserable, as if Shen Yanxiao was such a petty person that could not stand others being better than her.

Long Xueyao bit her lips.

She had a feeling that the person Luo Fan was referring to was completely different from her impression of Shen Yanxiao.

However, Luo Fan was indeed crippled, and there was no need for him to lie to her.

Moreover, Luo Fans identity was not unknown so if she had the heart to send someone to investigate, she could easily find out the truth.

If he were to lie, he would be exposed very soon.

In the end, Long Xueyao was still young and had little experience.

It was impossible for her to know that Luo Fans words were just an excuse.

Indeed, Shen Yanxiao had destroyed Luo Fans cultivation, but he only had himself to blame.

If he had not helped Shangguan Xiao and Pu Lisi to force Tang Nazhi out of the Herbalist Division, Shen Yanxiao would not have been so ruthless.

Unfortunately, Luo Fan did not explain the reason.

Even if Long Xueyao sent someone to inquire about it, she would not be able to get any information.

Only Shen Yanxiao and the five beasts knew the whole story.

“Is Shen Yanxiao really that vicious” Elder Wen believed Luo Fans words without a doubt, making him loathe Shen Yanxiao even more.

Luo Fan sincerely said, “I dont dare to speak irresponsibly.

Not only me, but even the top student of the Herbalist Division of Saint Laurent Academy had his mental energy destroyed because of her.

Right now, that student is recuperating in Fantasy Devil City—his teacher being Great Herbalist Pu Lisi.

When Shen Yanxiao was in Saint Laurent Academy, she would often speak rudely to Great Herbalist Pu Lisi.

At that time, Great Master Pu Lisi was already the head of the Herbalist Division but Shen Yanxiao had not only destroyed his only disciples life but also forced him to bring his student to the Blue Moon Dynasty to search for my teacher, Jun Mo, to treat us.” Luo Fans words were sincere, with his tones filled with sadness.

It was as if he was crying from sadness.

Correspondingly, Shen Yanxiaos reputation was ruined from Luo Fans attack.

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